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The department in charge of the client's concerns, its first call to its destination, has a competent staff, security guarantees standards, a fleet of Beechcraft 1900C, unit 17 passenger seats, flexible according to the needs of the demand.

New Transair Aviation

The airline currently operates daily flights on the Dakar-Ziguinchor from Monday to Sunday and Dakar-Cap Skirring and Dakar Kolda links.

In the subregion, Transair provides charter flights to Abidjan, Bamako, Bissau, Nouakchott, Praia, Conakry.



This special service has been created to overcome emergencies and other unforeseen, while ensuring quality and safety. Thus, Transair Executive has a private jet HS-125 type with a capacity of 7 VIP seats. The VIP service on board flights is assured by a hostess and is concerned both standard needs of the custom requests.



In this department, the company is developing its expertise in travel organization. The expertise of Transair Travel hugs your taste for travel, moving at your speed and take you safely and comfort to your destination.


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