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- Aquafield has already been active in the Nigerian market resulting in a number of installations running for the treatment of raw water.

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Water Analysis: Due to our wide expertise, we are able to offer a number of services. These services are available to companies, individuals and governments. We are able to take the raw water from the source, determine the pollutants and selectively remove them to deliver clean (depending on the requirements) water.

Consultancy: Armed with knowledge of the raw water quality, we are able to recommend solutions to the water problem as well as locating adequate treatment equipments. Using our expertise and wide network, we are also able to deliver to the client several suggestions to solve their water problems. We will design, construct and build the required equipment locally or with our expatriate partners. Aquafield will be responsible for delivering purified water to the client according to client's wishes or WHO standard (whichever takes precedence) for Nigeria.

water consulting, water management and water infrastructural services. | Nigeria

Aquafield Water Services

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  • water consulting, water management and water infrastructural services.

    Aquafield Water Services

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