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Current accounts

Whatever your corporate finance requirements, Absa’s team of experts is able to provide your business with financing solutions as and when required.

•Credit interest on your balances

•Free value adds

•Enterprise Development Centre



Finance and loans

Whatever your corporate finance requirements, Absa’s team of experts is able to provide your business with financing solutions as and when required.

•Enterprise Development Fund

•Finance options

•How to apply



Business and commercial cards

Purchasing cards cover travel, accommodation, entertainment, business vehicle costs and expenses to help you streamline your business finances.

•Convenient, secure and hassle-free

•Track your everyday expenses

•Travel needs covered



Insurance products

Our comprehensive range of business insurance products will help you protect your livelihood by making sure that you are adequately compensated for any loss and can recover quickly.

•Insuring your business

•What is covered

•What you get



Savings and investments

No matter how good your business idea is or how well-funded you are, success boils down to how well you manage your business. We can help you master this important skill.

•Immediate access to your funds

•Attractive interest rates

•The more you save the more you earn



International services

We offer a wide range of services to help you manage cash-flows, document processing, and add value and local insights to all international dealings.

•Advisory and consultancy services

•Import and export

•Online access



Payment acceptance

Our card-processing devices afford businesses the convenience to conduct transactions safely and quickly. They are ideal for all merchants, from small to large retailers.

•What we offer

•What you can save

•Pay in your currency



Employee benefits

We provide peace of mind to your employees through our professional consultants who are experts in the healthcare, long term financial security and home financing fields.

•Employee healthcare

•Fiduciary services

•Home loans




Alternative funding

Tired of being turned down for a business loan? We have ideal funding solutions tailor-made for your small or medium-sized business.

•What we offer

•Eligibility criteria

•How to apply



Islamic banking

We offer various Shari’ah-compliant products providing innovative solutions to our clients. The Islamic Business Cheque Account, our latest retail offering, forms the core of our business products.

•Shari’ah compliant products

•What you benefit

•NotifyMe for business



Corporate data tools

Let us help you manage your business expenditure – whether travel or Corporate Card spend – and also assist you make informed business decisions with our comprehensive data solutions.

•How it works

•What you get from our data solutions

•Other management information and expens


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