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Gijima have a host of world class solutions for your business, our solutions have been implimented in many companies around the world. Have a look at what Gijima can do for you: Occupational Hygiene Services Gijima Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services is a Department of Labour Approved Inspection Authority (AIA), and is SANAS accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020, as an Occupational Hygiene Inspection Body (Certificate Number OH0029 - CI 017). Our services cover Risk Assessments and the monitoring of all Physical Stress Factors (including Vibration, EMF and UV Radiation), Chemical Stress Factors (including Lead and Asbestos), Testing of Ventilation Systems and Ergonomic Assessments and Training. 

SAP Solutions

ERP Solutions is home to Gijima’s considerable SAP capability and is recognised as a leading SAP services provider in southern Africa. Our clients benefit from the exceptional depth and breadth of business, product and implementation experience of more than two hundred consultants in our employ. ERP Solutions has an unblemished record for delivering large and complex ERP implementations on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of our clients.

Electronic Signatures

Realizing Cost Savings while enhancing Security and Customer Service If there is one major promise that IT never really fulfilled in recent decades it is the one of a “paperless office”. Probably because there have been several concepts for “paperless signatures”, which were not really convincing and difficult to understand. In addition to this there is a lot of confusing terminology around all sorts of electronic signatures. This article helps you to understand the basics of taking signatures seriously without paper.


Enterprise SEO.

Our approach to Enterprise SEO is driven by the business requirements of our customers.  All too often companies build their websites with a view of just getting visible on the internet, very little focus goes into using the website as a powerful lead generation system.  As an enterprise business you would already have a high Google page rank, as a result of high value websites linking to you, press releases distributed via the web and your current marketing efforts


Web Analytics

Our enterprise web analytics service deliver insight to your web traffic, helping you make informed business decisions that convert more visitors to customers. At Gijima we move beyond pure web analytics and help you incorporate your ERP and CRM data to your website visitor data.  This allows you to see the real impact of marketing campaigns, new website designs, new product launches and keep a close eye on the ROI of your website.

The ultimate goal is to deliver a single meaningful view of all data sources that ultimately impact on the bottom line


Oracle Services

Gijima has taken up the challenge to be the complete ICT solutions provider to its clients. Gijima believes that the combination of innovation on the technological, business and process level is the key to deliver real sustainable business value to our clients.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Gijima offers clients leading-edge solutions backed by Oracle's position as the world's leading supplier of software for information management.

Gijima is one of the leading Oracle innovators and integrators of technology solutions.


Analytic Laboratory Services

To ensure a faster field service to report delivery turn-around time (for the benefit of our clients), Gijima Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services established an Analytical Laboratory Service called Gijima Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Laboratory (Gijima OHEL).

Gijima Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Laboratory is situated at Gijima’s Samrand campus and features sophisticated analytical instruments, in the form of an ICP-AES and an Infrared Absorption Spectrophotometer (IR)


Occupational & Environmental Health

Gijima Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services’ vision is to be the preferred provider in the field of Occupational Hygiene as well as Environmental Services in Southern Africa; not only providing the initial trouble shooting services i.e. identification (risk assessment) and evaluation but more specifically also solutions (recommendation, control projects and problem solving).


Human Capital Management

In our globally competitive economy organisations have become dependent on information technology to understand and transact with their customers, suppliers and staff. IT and Communication has become instrumental to collaboration and knowledge sharing, to the design and operation of business processes, and to decision making based on real time business intelligence. In addition we have seen a mass adoption of IT and communication technology by consumers – with mobile computing devices and software applications being more accessible to an ever growing world population.


Distributed Computing Services

Distributed Computing Services (DCS) from Gijima provides end-user support for desktops and associated services. DCS manages the entire end-user lifecycle, including installation, moves, break-fix, performance optimisation, preventative maintenance and monitoring services.

Through the availability services team, DCS provides a centre of excellence that specialises in the provision of seamless, integrated infrastructure support services according to specific client needs, from desktop, server and network support services through to infrastructure project deployment.


Services to enable the IT organisation

Our experience in the ICT market place and exposure to a large and diverse client base uniquely positions us to master the key human capital management processes that are so critical to the performance of IT organisations. Our diagnostic tools and methodologies allow us to understand all aspects of the client’s total HR environment, from HR business strategy and technology to processes, people and service providers.  We assist our clients IT organisations to improve their business alignment and service delivery by redesigning and supporting key elements


Cloud Computing Services

Gijima Cloud will transform the way our customers consume IT services and solutions

There is a fundamental and profound change happening in the manner in which IT services are being delivered for both large and small enterprises. The unique value of Gijima Cloud lies in the development, management, brokering and integration of the cloud ecosystem for clients. This will enable the use of client-specific cloud roadmaps that are suited to particular enterprise objectives

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Gijima have a host of world class solutions for your business, our solutions have been implimented in many companies around the world

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