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PO Box 142 Shendi 142/143 Nahr an-Nil Sudan , Shendi University Nahr Alnil, Sudan
Contact Phones : +249,+249 (261) 872194
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UNIVERSITY OF SHENDI Motto Quality and Excellence, Teamwork, Justice, Honesty, Transparency and Credibility, Innovation and Creativity, and Ongoing Training.

Al-Neelain univeristy

11121 Al Khartum Sudan, Gamhoria Street Khartoum
Contact Phones : +249,+249 (183) 780 055
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The University of Al Neelain was founded in 13 Mar. 1993 pursuant to a presidential decree. it aims at creating a competent man capable of serving his nation and realizing its aspirations through knowledge and faith whereas: the circle and the book symbolize the man. the book, the writing wooden board and the nuclear power emblem ” which lead the world to the communication and information revolution’ symbolize knowledge and science. The gracious Quranic verse “ Oh my lord advance me in knowledge “symbolizes Faith.


PO Box 2469 Khartoum, 11111 Al Khartoum Sudan , Madani Road, Khartoum East,
Contact Phones : +249,+249 (153) 992 432
Due to its location and cultural history the Sudan has been hosting a steady flow of groups from neighboring countries who were either in pursuit of knowledge or were on their way to perform pilgrimage. Some stayed behind either with a shaykh ( religious leader) of fleeing religious persecution which set in as a result of European colonization. Others were forced by incessant wars to seek refuge and education in the Sudan. In 1978 a number of scholars set up the Islamic African Institute with popular effort. The Institute began by accepting African students at the intermediate and secondary levels. But after only two years this project was stopped. Later on the Government of the Sudan revived the idea and decided to establish the Centre on wider basis and with greater facilities. It invited a number of Arab countries to contribute to this project. Six Countries responded positively. These were: Egypt,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Qatar,The United Arab Emirates and Morocco whose representativ


PO Box 407 Khartoum Al Khartum Sudan, Al-Khartoum
Contact Phones : +249,+249183796852
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The history of the Sudan University of Science and Technology goes back to 1950 when Khartoum Technical Institute (KTI) was founded to graduate qualified technicians in the fields of buildings and commercial studies. In 1975 all technical institutes in Sudan were merged with KTI to form what was known as Khartoum Ploytechnique (KP). In 1990 the KP was upgraded to a university named Sudan University of Science and Technology, with all the Institutes changed to Collages. The growth of the University was very rapid during the second decade of its establishment. By 2009, the University is comprising 19 colleges distributed a among 9 campuses in Khartoum, with total student population of 24000 at the B.Sc. level, 31000 at the Diploma level, and 5000 postgraduate students. In addition 5000 students are enrolled in distance education programs. The diversified colleges of the University reflect the constant endeavour to seek knowledge in all fields to produce successful graduates and a succes

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