How To Start A Business in Niger

Starting a Business in Niger


Starting a business, or company, in Niger takes approximately 17 days as compared to about 46 days for the Sub-Saharan Africa region. This piece outlines the general technical procedures for starting a company in Niger, according to the database by the World Bank. It includes details and requirements to be in good standing with all relevant agencies beyond the company registrar like social security agencies.

Use this as a guide while you complete the process and consult with agents carrying out work on your behalf.  Additional notes may be found here.

Technical Procedures

The steps involved in registering a company [Sociétés à Responsabilité Limitée (limited liability company)]
 in Niger are:

  1. Have a notary prepare and notarize the company bylaws.
  2. Deposit the initial capital in a bank and obtain a receipt.
  3. Register company statutes.
  4. File documents with the Commercial Registry at the Greffe du Tribunal (RCCM).
  5. Publish the company formation notice.
  6. Register with the tax authorities representatives at RCCM.
  7. Obtain criminal certificate of directors.
  8. Register with the Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale (CNSS).
  9. Register with the Agence Nationale de la Promotion de l’Emploi (ANPE).


No.ProcedureTime to CompleteAssociated Costs
 1Have a notary prepare and notarize the company bylaws
Agency: Notary

The notary public will witness the signing of the bylaws and present the documents for registration. A document entitled "a notarized declaration of capital subscription and payment" is also annexed to the statutes.

According to articles 10,11,311,313,314 and 73 of the “Acte uniforme relatif au droit des societes commerciales revises” (OHADA), the use of notaries is optional. However, most entrepreneurs still use the services of notaries.
3 days on average 3% of capital
 2Deposit the initial capital in a bank and obtain a receipt
Agency: Bank

Under Article 313 of the Uniform Act (the company law of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa), founders are required to deposit the start up capital in a bank or with a notary.
1 day no charge
 3Register company statutes
Agency: Services of the Taxes and the Treasury

A limited liability company’s deed has approximately six sheets (if it is completed on both sides); at least four originals are needed (for the notary public, for the services of the recording, for the clerk's office, and for the interested party).

The fiscal stamps are sold at the Services of the Taxes and the Treasury.
1 day XOF 6,000 fixed registration fees and XOF 1,500 for the last page of stamps
 4File documents with the Commercial Registry at the Greffe du Tribunal (RCCM)
Agency: Commercial Registry at the Greffe du Tribunal

According to the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa, the company has to verify the uniqueness of the company name, which is done at the clerk's office of the court of first instance holding commercial jurisdiction over the company. If a firm does not reserve its name, it has the obligation to make sure that the name does not already exist—through a search for anteriority (recherche d’antériorité).

To avoid useless expenditure (the inscription with the Registry of Commerce is done after recording), it is advisable to do the name search before the signature of the statutes. However, based on a circular letter of March 13, 2006, name verification is no longer required for company registration at the clerk’s office.
2 days XOF 1,500 (stamp duty for registration) + XOF 10,000 stamp duty for the signature of the registration certificate fee + XOF 5,000 for the registration services of the one-stop shop
 5Publish the company formation notice
Agency: Journal d'annonces légales de la Chambre de Commerce

Within 15 days of registering the company, the company should publish a notice in the Journal d'annonces légales de la Chambre de Commerce. A certificate is issued at the time of the receipt of the text and is published a month later.
1 day XOF 50,000
 6Register with the tax authorities representatives, the social security and the labor agency at the CFE
Agency: One stop shop (CFE)

After registration, the company can register at the CFE for taxes to obtain the identification number (NIF), register for social security (CNSS) and register with the employment agency (ANPE).
The fees are the following:
- FCFA 2,000 for the CNSS
- FCFA 2,000 for the ANPE
- FCFA 2,000 to obtain the NIF
- FCFA 1,500 for the fiscal stamp required to obtain the NIF

In 1 week to 10 days approximately, the entrepreneur will be registered with all the agencies and obtain the NIF number.
7 days XOF 7,500