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SC 403 (Very Early, Drought and Streak Tolerance, and Wide Adaptability)

SC 403 SC 403 is a very early white Maize Streak and Mottle Viruses tolerant hybrid, with a relatively short, flinty ear and excellent yield stability over a range of environments with relatively slow dry down rate. It has outstanding drought tolerance with very good synchronization of silks with pollen. 


In numerous trials in communal areas over several seasons, SC 403 has performed very well under drought conditions. On average, SC 403 has a higher yield potential over SC 401. SC 403 has hard, very dense grain and has outstanding tolerance to both Diplodia and Furasium cob rots. SC 403 is widely recommended for harsh conditions where yields of less than 6t/ha are expected. It is also recommended for irrigation schemes an early Maize Streak Virus tolerant hybrid is required.


Where irrigation is available optimum plant population should be increased to the levels recommended for the given expected yield level.


SC 407 (The Combo- for Drought, Streak and Grey Leaf Spot Tolerance) 

SC 407 SC 407 is one of the highest yielding very early maturing white hybrids, and combines levels of Maize Streak and Mottle Viruses Tolerance, and good tolerance to Grey Leaf Spot (GLS). However, under heavy levels of GLS infection, this hybrid may need fungicide spray application to realize its full potential. 


Being a very early maturing white semi-flint hybrid, SC 407 has good pollen to silk synchronization that makes it suitable for dry conditions and could replace SC 403 in GLS susceptible areas where yield potential is good, but early harvesting is required. It has high adaptability and is drought tolerant.


SC 411 (Very Early, Disease Tolerance and High Yielder)

SC 411 A very early maturing, highly adaptable drought tolerant, white dent hybrid similar to SC 403 in respect in respect to Grey Leaf Spot and Maize Streak and Mottle Viruses resistance levels, but slightly higher yielding. However, SC 411 is susceptible to Northern Corn Leaf Spot (NCLS) and has a moderate tolerance to Common Rust. Despite the ratings, a yield of 10t/ha has been achieved at Mpongwe in Zambia.


SC 411 is well suited to marginal rainfall areas due to its very early maturity characteristics, but not recommended where NCLS is a threat.

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