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Pioneer Foods : SPEKKO RICE

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Spekko makes more for you – 1 cup makes 4 cups of love. 


With this promise, Spekko Rice has captured the hearts and minds of the South African rice consumer. Showing a phenomenal and unprecedented growth over the last 8 years, this brand is going places.


The Spekko / consumer love story has thrived on the spontaneous support shown by celebrity chefs, foodies and the “word of mouth” endorsements by mothers all over South Africa. Going where no rice has gone before, Spekko has been the leader in some innovative marketing strategies over the years.


Vowing consumers with Quality, Value and Taste and Value, Spekko Rice is now available on more and more shelves and in more and more stores. 


Spekko markets 5 variants of the best rice available in the world. Rice is chosen from only reputable rice growers who have been carefully scrutinised and are monitored to give the consumer consistent, high quality rice. The rice in every individual pack of Spekko Rice is from a single source and it is not mixed with inferior rice or other variants or varieties. In the first ever Kasi Star Brands™ survey published by Daily Sun on 25 March, Spekko Rice is number 37 on the list of brands that are an integral part the emotional fabric of the townships”. The survey, done by TGI’s Ask Africa group, aimed to find the brands which have a high level of affinity and loyalty in townships. Kasi Star Brands™ compared brand usage across 163 categories and ranking 8000 + brands, 24 KasiStar brands and 45 Potential Kasibrands emerged. 


Spekko is a young rice brand in South Africa and has grown phenomenally to make it into the top 5 of the Essential Foods category of the Sunday Times Top Brands Survey 2013.


Why consumers choose Spekko Rice:


All of Spekko Rice variants are approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation as part of a healthy diet. Three of the variants carry the official Low GI (Gifsa) rating. 


Spekko is also naturally suitable for strict vegetarians and gluten free. 


In Spekko Rice’s newly refurbished website our rice is one of the key ingredients in a virtually unlimited range of recipes – from quick and easy meals to sumptuous banquets. There are recipes for holidays and high days, breakfasts, brunches, feasts and family meals. 


Spekko Rice also has recipes catering for religious celebrations, for caterers’ menu planning and for cooking for kids.


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