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There’s nothing like a refreshing, revitalising drink of cool Energade after a punishing session at the gym or on the track. South Africa’s leading sports drink, available in 6 thirst-quenching flavours which consumers know and love, is designed to replenish what exercise takes out of you.

Energade also releases limited edition flavours to tie in with major sports events, thus leveraging the brand’ssponsorship properties, and making sure that when you’re enjoying your team’s performance, your taste buds have their own adventure too.



Energade was launched in 1993 as the first Sports drink in South Africa. Through the sponsorships of SA Rugby, SA Cricket and other key teams, Energade quickly became a house hold name associated with high performing sportsmen and women. By introducing exciting flavours, Energade managed to build an ever-improving and engaging product for not only elite sportsmen, but also your fans and everyday sports lovers.


Energade assists with replacing vital electrolytes and hydrating your body as you are exersising, as well as after.


We aim to be the sports drink of choice for any sports person preparing for or recovering from regular exercise or planned fitness events.










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