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Water Tanks

Clean and secure water conservation has been a key hindrance in Sierra Leone. With bold branding techniques and un-matched quality, Milla branded tanks maintain to be the number one tank in the market, serving governmental organizations, hospitals, schools, charities, mining operations, constructors, households and business houses.


Milla Group has invested in a new plant which produces the range of sizes below starting from 200 L capacity all the way upto 10,000 L. This allows us to cater to every type of consumer, be it for a small household or for a large scale agricultural project. 


Milla Tanks are renowned for strength, functionality and longevity. In order to give an all-rounded customer service experience, Milla delivers on site within Sierra Leone. Tanks are also available at our partner branch depots (Pee Cee and Sons) in Freetown, Bo, Kenema and Makeni.


SR NoVertical Water TankHorizontal Water Tank

110,000 L10,000 L

28,000 L8,000 L

35,000 L 7,000 L

43,000 L6,000 L

52,000 L5,000 L

61,500 L4,000 L

71,000 L3,000 L

8500 L2,500 L

9300 L2,000 L

10200 L1,500 L

11-1,000 L

12-500 L


Extruded Plastic

 Milla Group produces a wide variety of products derived from blown-film plastic. With extra care taken on reliability, Milla Group has encompassed important segments to produce industry standard bespoke product offerings such as:


•Water sachet packaging

•Carry bags

•Money sealing sachets

•Seedling plastic for agricultural use

•Concrete plastic

•Frozen and dry food packaging

•Solvent packaging

•Bread plastic packaging

•Sugar plastic packaging

•Rice and grains packaging

PVC Pipes


Due to the rapid infrastructural development in the West African region, Milla Group has been in line with this growth, with the production of PVC pipes.


With state-of-the-art technology Milla currently produces pipes in a range of sizes and grades from 3/4" to 10" (internal diameter), thus offering the range of products below:


•High pressure pipes

•Low pressure pipes

•Conduit Pipes

•Gutter Pipes


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