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www.africa2trust.com - Growing online VISIBILTY & TRUST in Africa!

Online Visibility alone is not enough. You need to be TRUSTED!

www.africa2trust.com is Africa's Business-to-business (B2B) portal/platform the - 1st of its kind - with an ,online Products Marketplace, online Services Marketplace, online directory Listinginvestment information and much more.

We VALIDATE and help TRUSTABLE companies across Africa to tell their stories while showcasing their products and services at a very VERY AFFORDABLE COST. We make it easy for buyers to make orders from sellers or service providers across Africa.

Our portal/platform is tailored to give Africa and CREDIBLE companies and organizastion in Africa, a unified platform to market, attract investments, create business networks and partnerships and very importantly to sell their products and services to the local & international markets.

We empower government institutions to digitally endorse compliant or legally operating companies, organizations, and umbrella associations in their respective countries in order to elevate their credibility.

We also empower associations to endorse their members in order to elevate their credibility.

Our platform is where the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of Africa meet the Large Enterprises of Africa!!

Full Subscription Requirements/Prerequisites:

  • All companies/organisations MUST be registered in their respective countries and with an operating trading licence
  • They MUST have a physical address and we MUST get details of atleast one director
  • Membership to at least one umbrella association or government institution - the one in charge of setting industry standards for that sector and ensuring that the standards are followed - is an added CREDILITY point.
  • Only approved products and services are reflected in the africa-2-trust products and services marketplace.
  • The only Maps reflected are those approved and uploaded by our team after confirming the physical location of the company.

Some of the benefits for companies/organisations that meet the requirements are:

  • A Complete STANDARD dynamic and interactive site within the portal. Check www.michaelasoven.africa2trust.com
  • A www.africa2trust.com sub domain e.g www.codeinfrastructuregroup.africa2trust.com
  • You are reflected in Africa's No. #1 Web & Contacts directory
  • Each of their products and/or service gets a complete page that meets search engine requirement - for its full description
  • Products can be shopped and ordered for online.
  • You have an active Feedback Form linked to their registered email address. The form can be used for online orders, complaints, inquiries, etc
  • You have a content management solution for easy management (adding, updating and deleting) of your content to keep it fresh and upto date.
  • You benefit from our online and offline marketing strategies.
  • And because you stand out as CREDIBLE, you will attract B2B Opportunities like Synergies, foreign investments and partnerships.

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[Compliances and Memberships/Affiliations]
Enterprise Uganda
Enterprise Uganda
Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)
Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)