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Université Africaine de Technologie et de Management African University of Technology and Management

1361 Cadjehoun Cotonou Littoral Benin, Qtier Gbegamey 04, BP 1361 Cadjehoun Cotonou Littoral Benin
Contact Phones : +229 (21) 308 687,+229 (21) 308 687
Web Address :www.uatm-gasa.com
The University choir appealed to all participants in the seminar of 31 August organized by the Leader's Club. The singers have put the dishes in large to offer us a benefit unusual. If you want to be part of the choir, you just have to register at the Music and dance club.

Université Catholique de l'Afrique de l'Ouest Catholic University of West Africa

928 Cotonou Littoral Benin, 04 BP 928 Cotonou Littoral Benin
Contact Phones : +229 (21) 30 51 18,+229 (21) 30 51 18
Web Address :www.ucaobenin.com
The Academic Unit in Cotonou (UUC), one of the academic units UCAO, is a Higher Education and Research Establishment whose creation was authorized by the Ministerial Decree No. 067 / MHESR / CAB / DC / SG / DPP / SP of 15 October 2002 in the Republic of Benin. She gets the status of International Organization 10 February 2009 following the Headquarters Agreement signed between the Government of Benin and UCAO. The Academic Unit of Cotonou (UCAO / UUC) is located in the Diocese of Cotonou and has three training institutions namely: - Faculty of Agronomy and the Environment (FSAE); - Engineering School of Electrical and Computer (EGEI); - Higher School of Management and Applied Economics (ESMEA

Université d'Abomey-Calavi University of Abomey-Calavi

229 Littoral Benin, BP 526 Abomey-Calavi 229 Littoral Benin
Contact Phones : +229 (21) 36 11 19,+229 (21) 36 11 19
Web Address :www.uac.bj/home/
The National Charter for governance development in Benin (2011) is intended as a tool for rehabilitation of moral and republican values ​​essential to sustainable human development in Benin. To do this, it recommends structuring actions to reform the Beninese government. Training is an integral part of these structuring actions, actions that establish the long term, in the conscious and unconscious agents but also in organizational methods and reporting to work and public service foundation of a public administration resolutely in the service of growth and national solidarity. The National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) intends to take its part in the rebuilding of an efficient public administration, Republican and professional. Everybody knows, now, investment in human capital is an important lever for growth and development. According to some experts, when the average time each person spends on education increases by one year, the economic product per capita is expect

Université de Parakou University of Parakou

123 Parakou Borgou Benin, BP 123 Parakou Borgou Benin
Contact Phones : +229 (23) 612 008,+229 (23) 612 008
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Université des Sciences Appliquée et Management

3582 Porto-Novo Ouémé Benin, 01 BP 3582 Porto-Novo Ouémé Benin
Contact Phones : +229 (20) 21 54 92,+229 (20) 21 54 92
Web Address :www..uni.usam.edu
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Université Protestante de l'Afrique de l'Ouest Protestant University of West Africa

176 Porto Novo Ouémé Benin, BP 176 Porto Novo Ouémé Benin
Contact Phones : +229 (20) 21 29 30,+229 (20) 21 29 30
Web Address :www.univ.upao.com
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