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Gayaza High School

Gayaza, Gayaza Road
Contact Phones : +256(772)766364,n/a
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Maryhill High School

P.O.Box 380, Nyamitanga
Contact Phones : -,-
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School Motto: “Domine Dirige Nos” directs all the Maryhill fraternity to call upon the Almighty God to lead, Guide, and direct us make the right choices in all we do. By living up to thus motto, all who have passed through Maryhill those still here and those yet to come are expected to be a light of the nation on the hill. School Vision: "Holistic education for the girl child empowerment" School Mission: "To provide quality education the girl child with sound academic, spiritual and social economic principles necessary for international competitiveness.." School Policy: “To Promote All Round Discipline Through Hard work and Co-operation” This Leads To Success. Curriculum The School offers a full and varied curriculum where students study Agriculture, Computer, Typing and Office Practice, Home Management, Needlework, Commerce and Art & Craft apart from the traditional subjects. We hold Music, Dance and Drama Inter color competitions annually where students

Mbarara High School

P.O Box 205, Ruharo
Contact Phones : 0772-550504,(+256) 0485-420083

Mbarara High School (MHS), is a boys-only boarding middle and high school located in the city of Mbarara, in Mbarara District in Western Uganda.

It was established in 1911 by Anglican, Christian missionaries affiliated with the Church of England. Mbarara High School is the oldest secondary school in Western Uganda. It has both ordinary level and advanced level classes. The land on which the school was built is owned by Ankole Diocese, of the Church of Uganda. While the church has ownership and control of the school, the Uganda Government, through the Ministry of Education, contributes to the school's budget. The Kumanyana protest movement of the 1940s, which demanded equality for the Bairu people of Ankole with the Hima, had its roots at the school.

St. Henry's College Kitovu

-, Kitovu Hill
Contact Phones : +256 777 378 861 / +256 756 062 427,+256 481 420 076

St. Henry's College Kitovu (SHACK), is a boys-only government-aided boarding middle and high school in Uganda.

The college was founded by the White Fathers in 1922. It lies about 3 kilometres (1.9 mi), by road, from the suburb of Nyendo, atop the Kitovu Hill near the Kitovu Catholic Cathedral. The main school campus covers a large expanse of land. The School has a population of over 1,000 students.

A variety of science and arts subjects is offered. The school has both ordinary ("O") and advanced ("A") levels. The ordinary level is for four years, from senior one to senior four while the Advanced level is for two years, from senior five to senior six.


St. Joseph’s Vocational School

P.O.Box 120, Nyamitanga
Contact Phones : +256772450872,+256485443997
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Ndejje Senior Secondary School

-, Katikamu County
Contact Phones : -,+25639-548866
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Our Vision A Christian based school of excellence empowering people for transforming society. Our Mission Producing God fearing persons who are socially upright and highly competent for nation building. Our Values * Excellence * Integrity * Ministry * Teamwork

Progressive Secondary School, Kitintale

-, Off Port Bell Road Luzira - Kitintale
Contact Phones : 0772 411 104,+256 41 4220401
School mission To provide quality holistic education to all who want to be world class competitors, God fearing and all round people through the provision of ideas, knowledge, skills and talent development. School Goals – To provide every child with the necessary basic skills and cultural awareness or a full and productive life. – To eliminate illiteracy in all it’s forms. – To consciously guide the students towards being creative, productive, responsible and civil Ugandans. – To create awareness in the individual of his duties and responsibilities towards society, the state and international community. Admission: The school admits students in all classes on merit. The school welcomes students from within and out side the country like Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, however the medium of instruction is English though French and Swahilli are offered only as syllabi subjects. NB: In order to be admitted to the school, YOU NEED TO READ THE SCHOOL RULES & UNDERST

Aga Khan High School

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,256414347246
secondary school

Aidan College

-, Entebbe Road
Contact Phones : -,0414-200171
Web Address :-
Aidan College is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Private Sponsored School. The School is found in Wakiso District and in Makindye Sub-County.

Alliance High School

-, hoima Highway Mutundwe
Contact Phones : 0772-579586,-
Web Address :-
Alliance High School is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Private Sponsored School. The School is found in Wakiso District and in Nabweru Sub-County.

Alliance School

Mbarara, MBarara
Contact Phones : 256772578995,n/a
secondary school

Baptist High School

-, Kitebi
Contact Phones : +256-772-523483,+256-312-112836
Vision: To produce future citizens who are morally, socially and academically successful. To promote ethical practices Mission: To provide an all round education which emphasizes the moral and intellectual development of the learners. Motto: Discipline and Determination. Core values: Discipline - Moral uprightness - God fearing - Integrity - Smartness. CO - CURRICULUM: The student will be free to join any of the following societies/clubs: Music, Dance and Drama, Science club, interact, Stay safe, Nkobazambogo, Scripture Union, Wild Life, Peer Educators, Scouts and Girl Guides, Entrepreneurship Club, Legion of Mary, Red Cross, Kite Club, plus any other, which may be introduced as time goes on. A variety of indoor and outdoor games are available. The school holds annual sports days and Music Dance and Drama Inter-House festivals. The winners of these competitions each year are awarded a bull to roast. Students travel widely on study and recreation tours. The school


Contact Phones : 0701472068,+256414667674

Bilal Islamic Secondary School

-, Branch off from bwaise town Mambule Road
Contact Phones : +256701850293,-
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The school is purely an Islamic institution that runs a dual curriculum system where secular studies are taught along side theology studies. English and Arabic languages are used as media of instruction during the learning process. All subjects which the Ministry recommends and examined by UNEB are taught in the school on addition to theology subjects such as. Qur’an. Hadiith. Fiqh. Siira/Tareeh. Tauheed, Qawa’ed. Among others. At ‘A’ level, the child together with his/her parent decides what side to take (secular or theology) but not both as at ‘O’ level. However those who opt for Secular studies are given few theology subjects aimed at providing them with the basics of their faith.. It has all the necessary facilities, which enable students to learn comfortably. These include; a well-stocked library. computer & science laboratories. sick bay. standby generator. safe tap water. Among others. Bilal Islamic Secondary School at Bwaise was established with the aim of

Bishop Ogez High School

bushenyi, Ishaka
Contact Phones : 256772512449,n/a
secondary school

Boston High School Entebbe

Entebbe, Entebbe
Contact Phones : 256772853656,n/a
secondary school

Brainstorm High School

-, Kabale
Contact Phones : 0785829407,-
Web Address :-
Brainstorm High School is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Private Sponsored School. The School is found in Kabale District and in Kabale Central Sub-County

Bright Future Bwebajja Secondary School

-, along Kampala –Entebbe Highway, 17 Km after JOMA SUPERMARKET
Contact Phones : +256 752 736 444,-
We have excellent modern facilities and a good academic background which has enabled our students to excel both at “O” Level (UCE) and “A” Level (UACE). Our syllabus is wide with subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Agriculture, Fine Art, History, Geography, Economics, Literature, CRE, IRE, Computer Studies, languages like English, Luganda and Swahili. On top of that we give special skills like Cookery, Crafts making, and serious computer training. Our social life is quite interesting and students enjoy the school. Time for academics is specifically for academics then time of socializing, partying i.e candidate parties, other school parties, MDD parties is specifically for that. At Bright Future Senior Secondary School, we strive to: Provide a broad, balanced curriculum based upon the Uganda Education Curriculum but also ready to adapt to other Curriculum so as to reflect the nature of our school community and its location in Uganda. Recognize, respect and

British School of Kampala.

-, Lubbobbo Close, Muyenga
Contact Phones : +256705052089,-
Web Address
Uganda's First and Only EDEXCEL Accredited Centre We follow the British National Curriculum with adaptation to the local setting in Uganda. Our uniqueness is engulfed in the affordable fees structure and individual attention rendered to each child, taking particular care of their needs. Our School Fees Structure is the most affordable of any other quality international school in the region. We offer a FREE FULL DAY TRIAL for all children from Year 1 to Year 12. 90% of the people that have tried this offer have stayed. We aim to create an environment where learning is fun and every milestone reached is a memorable medallion. School Policy The British School of Kampala has a zero tolerance policy towards illegal drugs. Any student caught in possession of any illegal drug on school property will be expelled from the school immediately!


Bombo Road, Kawempe Kalule Zone, P.O. Box 23442 Kampala, Uganda
Contact Phones : .,+256 703 957 454
School motto “AMAGEZI BUGAGGA” which translates to knowledge is wealth. Vision To produce an all-round person who can compete favorably in the world. How to apply Admission forms  may be obtained from the Headmaster’s office at school and a fee of shs 50,000, which must be deposited directly to any of the school’s bank accounts (Broadway High School, Ltd.) at Orient Bank (11938502010108), Centenary Bank (2510301842), Tropical Bank (0010063938), or Stanbic Bank (9030012414276). Admission requirements Report card or results slip from previous school Primary Leaving Examinations (for ‘O’ level applicants), or its equivalent Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) (for ‘A’ level applicants), or its equivalent Working with parents On a termly basis, the school carries out open discussions with parents about the social and academic progress of the students. The basis is education with a difference, on individual merit.

Budinse Memorial School

-, Ngando
Contact Phones : +256772986031,+256414-341232
Our mission is to develop young men with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. Building strong, positive relationship within and among students, colleagues’ parents and the community. Dupporting school and program improvement plans by working together as a system Acting on the belief that each student can learn and deserves our best efforts. Respecting and celebrating diversity and culture in people and ideas. Approaching our work as learners Continuing our growth and development of skills, knowledge, and behaviours in a climate of trust and collaboration. Acting strategically with continuous reflection and improvement. Ensuring public trust by using our resources wise

Bugema Adventist Secondary School

KAmpala, Kampala
Contact Phones : 772502787,n/a
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secondary school

Bugema Adventists Secondary School

-, Gayaza - Zirobwe Road
Contact Phones : +256 772 502787,-
Our curriculum is based on the Adventist Philosophy of Education that "God is the source of knowledge and wisdom and true education is the harmonious development of the mental, spiritual and physical faculties of man". The school environment is explicitly conducive for holistic education and academic excellence. We value individual student abilities and opportunities for talent and skills development are well catered for in the school curriculum. Bugema Adventist Secondary School is a home away from home where lasting impressions are made on the minds of the learners and the staff. Our Mission To provide holistic Christian Education in Order to Enable Students to Make a Positive Contribution to Society for Eternity Our Vision To be a model centre for Christian holistic secondary education in Uganda


-, Kasolo Road
Contact Phones : -,256 495 2254, 256 495 2228.
Web Address
THE CURRENT STATUS: The school is now both ‘O’ and ‘A’ level. It is a Mixed School both Day and Boarding. THE SCHOOL VISION: To become one of the leading Muslim National Education Institutions in the Country. THE SCHOOL MISSION: The School Mission is to produce morally upright, responsible, integrated, creative and academically competitive citizens. THE SCHOOL MOTTO: The school is guided by the school Motto “DISCIPLINE & HARD WORK.”

Bweranyangi Girls Secondary School

Bushenyi, Bushenyi
Contact Phones : n/a,256485428565
secondary school

Caltec Academy Makerere

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,25r6414530916
secondary school

Central Academy

543 , Kisenyi II Road Kireka Banda
Contact Phones : -,0414-343844
Web Address :-
Central Academy is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Government Sponsored School. The School is found in Kampala District and in Central Kampala Sub-County

Central College School Natete

NAtete, NAtete
Contact Phones : n/a,256414272339
secondary school

City High School

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
secondary school

Country College Mmanze

-, Wakiso Mmanze
Contact Phones : 0702340347, 0776888040,-
Vision To be a blessing to the community, nation and nations Motto: The Lord is our righteousness Mission To be a blessing through provision of first class educational facilities in order to produce top quality, God fearing skilled academicians that will drive and impact the world to spear head spiritual, social and political transformation Core values God fearing Integrity Respect Responsibility Punctuality

Covenant High School

-, Rubaga Road
Contact Phones : -,0414 259 647
Web Address :-
Covenant High School is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Government Sponsored School. The School is found inKampala District and in Central Kampala Sub-County

Crane High School

-, Muyenga
Contact Phones : -,0414-271213
Web Address :-
Crane High School is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Government Sponsored School. The School is found in Kampala District


Kamwokya - Kampala, Mawanda - Road
Contact Phones : -,0784886623
For your primary school studies

Eagle's Nest Secondary School

-, Rubaga Road
Contact Phones : -,0414-273218
Web Address :-
Eagle's Nest Secondary School is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Government Sponsored School. The School is found in Kampala District and in Central Kampala Sub-County.

East High school – Ntinda

-, Kulambiro opposite Ntinda Hill
Contact Phones : -,+256 312 276 199
The school Mission To provide efficient and effective exposure to the students that will enhance knowledge, skills and virtues to excellence. The School Vision To offer quality education in a homely environment. The School Theme Effective self management and accountability. HEALTH SERVICES The school operates a dispensary that is managed by a resident nurse and a visiting doctor who handle any form of simple and short term illnesses. Severe illnesses are normally referred to big hospitals for thorough review. MEALS The students are fed on a balanced diet with an emphasis on the saying that goes “ a healthy mind is a healthy body” The Menu includes, Matooke, Rice, Posho, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, beans, eggs, peas, beef, Ground nutd sauce and bread. CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES These include the following; Football Volleyball basketball Table Tennis Badminton Indoor games include Chess Scrabble We also have music, dance and drama festival


Bwebajja - Entebbe Road, P. O. Box 6135 Kampala
Contact Phones : .,+256 (705) 213 243
Our Mission & Vision Vision: A Centre of excellence that shapes exceptional individuals who will make a defining difference in our world. Mission: To create unique learners who are socially functional, analytically precise, financially savvy and very creative in all arrears of life for the glorification of God. Fees Structure (UGX.) ITEM S.1, 2 & 3 S.4, 5 & 6 Tuition Fees Per Term 880,000 930,000 Admission Fees (Once) 100,000 100,000 Development Fees (Once) 100,000 100,000 Uniforms 250,000 250,000 Bank Charge 3,000 3,000 Hymn Book 10,000 10,000 SESEMAT (Per Year) 3,000 3,000 GRAND TOTAL 1,366,000 1,416,000 Uniform Breakdown (UGX.) ITEM QUANTITY AMOUNT TOTAL Shirt/Blouse 2 25,000 50,000 Tie 1 13,000 13,000 Trouser/Skirt 2 25,000 50,000 Sweater 1 42,000 42,000 T-Shirts (Casual) 2 20,000 40,000 Chapel Shirt 1 25,000 25,000 Sports T-Shirt 1 30,000 30,000 GRAND TOTAL 250,000 NOTE: Except for admission & labeling

Emma High School

473, Bahai Road, Near Bahai Temple
Contact Phones : +256 702 541 474,-
Web Address
OUR VISION: A centre of Excellence producing skilled and well motivated graduates. MISSION: Providing all round quality education to produce innovative and responsible citizens Our Facilities A fully stocked library with online searching and internet services. Well furnished classrooms. Well equipped laboratories. A playground for sports programmes. Spacious self contained girls and boys dormitories. Quality mess (dining) facilities with a balanced menu. An inter-denominational Chapel. A school Van. A basket ball court. A fully furnished main hall with DSTv.

Equatorial College School

-, Ibanda, Bisheshe
Contact Phones : 0772870162,-
Web Address :-
Equatorial College School is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Private Sponsored School. The School is found inIbanda District and in Bisheshe Sub-County.

Excel Secondary School

-, Kamwokya
Contact Phones : -,071813591
Web Address :-
Excel Secondary School is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Government Sponsored School. The School is found inMukono District and in Mukono Town Council Sub-County.


Contact Phones : -,0414 670836
Mission To provide quality education in a conducive environment that nurture students into responsible citizens. Vision. To be a leading private mixed Boarding school in Uganda producing spiritual, self made and independent Thinking Citizens. Objectives 1. To attain a high level of academic excellence 2. To produce self reliant and self driven students 3. Promote spiritual growth in students School Motto Discipline and Determination Our Activities SPORTS FACILITIES A lot has been invested in this area to enable students explore their talents. We have a sports complex that covers: Athletics Football Netball Volley Ball Basket Ball Table Tennis SCHOOL CLUBS The school has put in place several clubs to inspire students: Drama Club Debating Club Writing Club Scripture Union Straight Talk Club Environment Club


-, Kawuku road
Contact Phones : 256772465913,256702944256
We offer day and boarding secondary school both boys and girls, we are a privately owned institution with a UNEB center teaching both arts and sciences.

Galaxy International School

1077 , Lubowa Estate
Contact Phones : +256 781 468 000,-
Web Address
Emphasis is on the development of the whole person. Students in years 10 and 11 are prepared for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examination and those in years 12 and 13 are prepared for Cambridge A’level examination. These examinations administered by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) are recognised worldwide.

Gayaza Road Secondary School

-, Lwakataka Stage Kyebando- Erisa Zone
Contact Phones : -,+256-312-274-118
Web Address
Vision: To build a holistic and result oriented school for the Learners. Mission: To provide a holistic, strongly result driven and high quality but affordable education to the Learners. Motto: We are result oriented Code of Conduct PREAMBLE This school of conduct intends to guide the student in understanding his/her stay at Gayaza Road Secondary School i.e. Positive result orientation. The school is formed at a high level of academic smartness, social behavior and a great discipline culture. You are in that way expected to put up with tradition; bearing in mind that failure to do so, leads to loss of privilege to stay in the school. VALUES We make our plans, but God directs our actions. We are a proudly disciplined Ugandan school and are committed to Uganda’s development. Uganda is our home, a pleasure we treasure most. We respect each other irrespective of positions we hold, teaching staff, support staff, parents and students. We belong to a cultured society a

Gombe Secondary School

-, Gombe
Contact Phones : -,0392790799
Web Address
School motto "BALANDIZA KIBAZE" school mission "To produce God fearing, responsible and self reliant citizens through quality education" School vision "To be the leading mixed boarding secondary school in Uganda." Our Theme "Collectively we shall lead." Our Curriculum. Gombe Secondary School follows a syllabus provided by the National Curriculum Development Centre in all subjects. It accepts students from the age of 13 years into the lower school where they follow a comprehensive range of subjects in preparation for U.N.E.B examinations. The "O" Level programme is four years with S.1 and S.2 offering a range of up to 18 subjects while those in S.3 and S.4 will offer 10 subjects. The "A" level programme is two years and students will be allowed to take up to four principle subjects. Subjects that are taught at Gombe. English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, Islam, C.R.E, Luganda, Literature, Arabic, German, French, Agriculture, Fi

Green Valley High School

-, Mawanda Road
Contact Phones : -,041-4371992
Web Address :-
Green Valley High School is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Community Sponsored School. The School is found in Kabarole District and in Western Sub-County.

Greenhill Academy

Kibuli, Kibuli Road
Contact Phones : n/a,+256(414)342684

Greenviille High SChool Mukono

Mukono, Mukono
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
secondary school

Gulu Central High

-, Gulu-Patiko Road
Contact Phones : +256 772 586 959,-
Web Address :-
School Vision To become a premier educational institution in the country capable of impacting positively on the socioeconomic and political developments of the region Mission To offer quality secondary education at an affordable cost to our people through dedicated teaching, guidance and giving support for personal growth and development. The school has a broad curriculum containing Arts. Science, Vocational and Business Subjects at both 'O' and 'A' levels. 'O' level curriculum: Subjects offered include: English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Geography, History, Commerce, Political Education, Accounts, C.R.E, Entrepreneurship, Fine Art, and now Computer. 'A' level curriculum: Subjects offered include: G.P, History,Geography, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Literature, C.R.E, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Fine Art, and now Computer.

Hana Mixed Secondary School - Nsangi

-, Nsangi
Contact Phones : (+256)-772-410977,+256-312 273 590
Web Address
Our Motto In God we trust Our Vision To provide best quality education that ensures satisfaction of our customers and other stake holders. Our Purpose To multiply the effectiveness of the school using improved facilitation and strategic technologies that overcome barriers in secondary education. Our Mission Statement Hana mixed secondary school - Nsangi is dedicated to improving the educational experiences of young adoloscents by providing vision, knowledge and resources to all who study in order to develop productive and ethical citizens. Our Core Values We provide quality education which is equitable in its outcomes for all students, including those from other countries. We develop mechanisms for effective communication between and among students, staffs, parents and other stake holders. We examine for their effectiveness current grouping practices such as special education, ability grouping remedial programmes and alternative education. We ensure the best use of fa

Highway College Makerere

-, Nakulabye Road Nabbingo
Contact Phones : -,0414-530560
Web Address :-
Highway College Makerere is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Government Sponsored School. The School is found inKampala District and in Central Kampala Sub-County

Hill Side School Bunamwaya

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
secondary school


Mukono Katosi Road/ Nkokonjeru Rd, P.O Box 593 Mukono
Contact Phones : .,0782846266
Fees Structure: S.1, S.2, S.3 : 808,500 S.5: 858,500 Our mission is to provide quality holistic education to uganda nationals and international students. it is an educational center condusive for maximum academic concentration and advancement to knowledge, practical skills and positive attitude Hilton High School Mukono, is a fully established and registered boarding secondary school.It is a private school registered by the Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports under No. PSS/H/65 and by the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB)

Iganga High School

Iganaga, Iganga
Contact Phones : 0772670457,256434243278
secondary school

Iganga Progressive Secondary School

-, Luba Road 200 meters off Highway
Contact Phones : +256 414 579 876,-
At Iganga Progressive SS discipline is very important It is privately owned and registered with the Ministry of Education and sports No. PSS/1/13 and UNEB Centre No. U0812 SCHOOL OBJECTIVES To promote morals and good values among the students. To establish a team of highly motivated staff for efficiency To emphasize discipline of students by use of performance measures To measure school enrollment through physical and non physical attraction To emphasize staff appraisal in order to improve areas of weakness


-, Iganga
Contact Phones : -,0392-879820
Web Address :-
School Motto : Aim to serve your country School vision:“the epitome of holistic execellence” School mission: to provide quality and diversified educational opportunities to the girl child and children with special needs.

Imperial Secondary School

-, Kyaruhanga ward, Ibanda town council
Contact Phones : 0752656463 /0752978554,-
Web Address
bring your child to learn and grow wiser


Kampala - Uganda, Nsaggu Trading Centre - Wakiso District
Contact Phones : 0414583036,0752538372
We started humbly in 2014 with only 25 pupils from the neighbouring communities of people

Jinja College SSS

Jinja, Jinja
Contact Phones : n /a,256434120571
secondary school

Jinja Progressive Academy

-, Wanje Rd (Mpumudde)
Contact Phones : 0772 525 763,-
School vision “TO PRODUCE STUDENTS WHO WILL BECOME VANGUARDS OF SOCIAL – ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION OF OUR COUNTRY”. School mission “TO PRODUCE MORALLY UPRIGHT, INTELLECTUALLY DYNAMIC, INNOVATIVE AND SELF RELIANT CITIZENS” School motto: ‘EDUCATION AN INVESTMENT.’ School objectives To provide quality education at affordable rates. To provide employment opportunities to the community. To pattern with government in its effort to promote education To offer scholarship to needy and disadvantaged children in the community. To improve on the quality of life of the people in community . School cherished values. Academic excellence Good morals Integrity Creativity Patriotism

Jinja Senior Secondary School

Jinja, Jinja
Contact Phones : n/a,256434121313
secondary school

Kabalega Secondary School

-, Masindi Rd, Masindi Uganda
Contact Phones : -,+256-465-420-061
Web Address
School Vision Education for self-reliance and National development School Mission To educate and attain a harmonious, self-motivated, disciplined, responsible and productive individual through effective management and learning. School motto I learn to serve

Kabojja International School

Lweza, Entebbe Road
Contact Phones : +256(772)508242,+256(312)110771

Kabojja Secondary School Kabojja

KAmpala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,256392770037
Web Address
secondary school

Kampala Diplomatic International School

-, kampala
Contact Phones : -,+256-414-693-523
Thank you for your interest and on behalf of everyone here we say 歡迎光臨 , أهلاً و سهلاً, Accueil and finally 'Welcome' to Kampala Diplomatic International School, your provider of highly effective and truly International Education. Located on the beautiful Hill of Naguru, we at Kampala Diplomatic International School believe that the magic is in the foundation hence our beginning in Kampala with students from Kindergarten ‘Baby-Class’ up until GCE A-Level. The school takes pride in offering the (CIE) Cambridge International British Curriculum with modern facilities and interactive Online Learning with PC Tablets. In terms of tuition fees we are the most affordable British International Education in the East African Region. With a ratio of one teacher to twelve students (1:12), our classrooms are controlled accordingly in order to maintain a conducive and friendly atmosphere for effective & high quality learning. During classes we make use of PC Tablets in the teaching and learnin


447, Block 213, Old Kira Road, Bukoto
Contact Phones : +256 752 711 789 ,-
Web Address
Established in 1993 with 67 students, KISU has grown steadily over time. It currently accommodates about 600 students representing 60 nationalities. State-of-the-art facilities include four science labs, three computer labs, three music rooms, three performance areas, an indoor gym, outdoor basketball court, 25 metre eight lane competition swimming pool, two libraries, smart boards in most classrooms and a five acre playing field. It has accreditation status with CIS, NEASC and IBO. Students participate in an extensive range of extracurricular activities including outdoor education and overseas trips, to diverse destinations such as The UK, France, Italy, Mount Kilimanjaro and a yearly ski trip in Europe. The holistic education also fosters involvement in community building activities. Early Years Programme at KISU In the Early Years our children follow the English National Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage, a carefully structured, relevant and child-centered curricu

Kansanga Secondary school

Mitala road, Kampala - Ggaba road
Contact Phones : 0703137970,0752630911
It's a private secondary school registered by M.O E. & Sports with both 'O' and 'A' level UNEB centres.

Kasawo Secondary school

-, gayaza
Contact Phones : +256 779 178 333,-
Web Address
Kasawo Secondary school was started in 1927 as a model school. By then it was known as Kasawo Elementary Vernacular School [KEVS] situated on Kigayaaza hill with Mr. D.B Ousley as the first head Teacher. The late Sulamain Waligo, in whose name is the present Waligo House, is credited for having initiated the idea of setting up schools in kasawo sub county. Waligo, then the sub County Chief Kasawo established a school known as Agali Awamu at Kitovu Village near Kasawo trading centre. it was then headed by Semei Kasujja. When the colonial government saw the initiative for education by the rural community, they picked interest and decided to help set up a model school in the area. in 1925, the colonial government inspected kasawo sub county for possible location for a school and Kigayaaza hill on which kasawo Secondary school stands was selected. In 1927, the government completed a model school known as Kasawo Elementary vernacular School sitauted at Kigayaaza hill with

Kashaka girls Secondary School

Mbarara, MBarara
Contact Phones : 256772471663,n/a
secondary schools


Luwero - Wobulenzi, P.O.BOX 53 Wobulenzi
Contact Phones : .,+256 772 481700
Mission Statements Our School Mission, Vision and Motto. Philosophy: True Education is the Harmonious Development of the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Faculties of Man. Vision: To be a Model Secondary School in Uganda. Mission: To Provide Quality Holistic Education to Individuals to face the Present and Future Challenges. Motto: Fear God and Strive. Strategic Objectives What Katikamu SDA SS stands for 1. Excellence To Excel Academically. 2. Holistic Education To create an atmosphere conducive to the inculcation among students, christian and societal morals. 3. Quality Facility To furnish the school with such facilities as required for attaining the general objectives of Education that are stipulated in the UNEB Syllabus for ‘O’ & ‘A’ Level. 4. National Goal To develop the school into a Machinery for the Realization of the National Goals of Education. Our Academic Programs With our range of academic activities, we strive to bring forth the v

Kawempe Muslim Secondary School

-, Kyaddondo Hill 150M off Bombo Road
Contact Phones : -,0414-567165, 0414-566209.
Our Philosophy To produce competent personnel to serve the Muslim community and the Country Go Higher We are very proud to offer extreme diversity in academic, cultural and sporting facilities. Fear Allah Academic Excellency Ethics and Integrity Team Work Admission Requirements Senior One Primary Leaving Examination (P.L.E) Pass lip Primary Seven Equivalent Certificate for International Students or Ugandans who have studied outside Uganda 6 passport size photos. Senior Two and Three Primary Leaving Examination (P.L.E) Pass lip Academic Performance Report from the former school Recommendation Letter Senior Five Uganda Certificate of Education (U.C.E) pass lip Senior Four and Six We regret, no admissions are allowed in our candidate classes.

Keframa College

-, Barr sub-county
Contact Phones : +256-772-895-012, +256 772 969615,-
KEFRAMA COLLEGE helps bridge the gap between rich and poor by offering good quality education for the most underprivileged youth. The College benefit children from Barr Sub-county and from other neighboring Sub-counties and regions. Keframa College Is focused on: i.Establishing sound teaching methods. ii.Promoting basic life skills, and provide computer lessons. iii.Guarantee a free and quality education for the most needy. Costs will be very low so that these poor families can learn to become self-sufficient. iv.Offering free counseling to our students and their parents/guardians. Transformational development is the process through which our children/students, their families, and the communities identify and overcome the obstacles preventing them from living life to its fullest. v.Providing health education to our students and their guardians. vi.Providing scholarships to deserving orphans/needy children as well as those students who perform very well at primary-leaving

Kibubura Girls School

Ibanda, Kagongo road
Contact Phones : 772489244,256485426118
secondary school

Kibuli Secondary School

-, Kibuli
Contact Phones : -,0414-257339
Web Address
Vision To Be a Leading School of Excellence in Academics, Sports and Islamic Ethos Mission To produce a morally educated individual with skills and knowledge for self and National development Core Values God fearing Integrity Tolerance Adherence Respect of Person and Property. Other Religions at Kibuliss" Kibuliss is a Muslim School that allows coexistance of Religions. The School allows free admission of other religious such as catholics, born_agains, protestants, etc. Non_Muslim students are organised in Kibuli Christian students association, KCSA. KCSA holds fellowships every evening and Sunday mornings. KCSA is headed by a Bishop and Pope.

Kiira High School

Jinja, Jinja
Contact Phones : 0772189165,256434123551
secondary school

Kinaawa High school Kyengera

-, Kyengera , Mugongo
Contact Phones : 0701 039 092,-
Legal Status The school is registered and classified by the ministry of education and sports as a mixed day and boarding “O” and “A” level school Registration Number is PSS/K/264 The UNEB centre Number is U0860 Corporate Image: Vision: Creating an educated , empowered and morally up right community Mission: To import knowledge, skills, positive values and attitudes to the learners and empower them to meet community challenges. Core values: Integrity, hard work, trust, entrepreneurship and applied faith. The Curriculum Kinaawa High school – Mugongo offers a rich curriculum emphasizing science, Arts and Spiritual knowledge. We listen to parents/guardians and accept installments. O level Subjects Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature, Entrepreneurship, History, Geography, I.R.E, C.R.E, Computer studies, Fine Art, Commerce, Arabic Language, Technical Drawing, Additional Math, Luganda, Agriculture A Level Subject Combination PCM/B, P

King of Kings Secondary School

IGanga, Iganga
Contact Phones : 256772462741,n/a
secondary school

Kings College Budo

Budo, Masaka Road
Contact Phones : n/a,+256(414)373760
Web Address

Kireka High school

-, Kireka
Contact Phones : +256752699671,-
Mission Statement " To provide affordable all round quality education for the youth so that they can have a sustainable future." Vision statement To have a modern school,providing morally upright,academically excellent and responsible leaders of our nation. School Motto "Education is a Treasure" The school run as an Ordinary level and Advanced level, boys and girls school,offering both Arts and Sciences subjects for Advanced level,whereas the Ordinary level avails its student with equally all the government curriculum of education.The school is registered with the ministry of education and sports with a centre number.

Kisoro Vision School

-, Kamonyi village along Sebaganizi road only 300 meters off Kisoro – Kabale road
Contact Phones : +256772 690 233,-
Motto:Realm for success Mission: To develop students’ abilities through discipline and hard work for a bright future. Vision: To be the centre of academic Excellence and build holistically self-reliant citizens. School slogan: Far Ahead of others Authenticity of the school: Licensed by the ministry of education and sports under registration No.MOE/22/4201. Registered by the ministry of education and sports reg. No. PSS/K/343 The school has a UNEB examination centre for both O’ and A’ level number: U2413 (a)There are sporting activities like Football Volleyball Netball Athletics Rugby (b)Clubs include: Wildlife club Straight talk club Environmental club Drama club YCS (Young Christian students) S.U (scripture union) The extravaganza club (music dance and drama)

Kisubi High School

Wakiso, Wakiso
Contact Phones : n/a,256414573949
secondary school

Kisubi Mapeera S.S.S

-, On kampala-Entebbe Road
Contact Phones : 0772310951,-
Web Address :-
our motto Education is liberation Vision To produce a holistic and liberated person School Mission To form young people, who are morally, spiritually, academically sound, ready to serve God and Society

Kitante Hill School

KAmpala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,256414345363
secondary school

Kitintale Secondary School

-, Nakawa
Contact Phones : 077-510812,-
Web Address :-
Kitintale Secondary School is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Government Sponsored School. The School is found in Kampala District and in Nakawa Sub-County.

Kusugu Mixed Secondary School

Kampala, Kisugu
Contact Phones : 0772497404,n/a
secondary school

Kyambogo College School

-, Nakawa, Kyambogo
Contact Phones : -,256414286571
who we are Kyambogo College School started as a demonstration school in 1954 when Government Training College (GTC) moved from Mbarara to Kyambogo Hill. It served the Government Training College (GTC) as a demonstration school from its beginning; as a junior school, ‘O’ level and now ‘A’ level school. LOCATION: The school is located in Nakawa Division, Kampala. It is 5 km along Kampala – Jinja road highway. It is a 20 minutes drive from the city centre and next to Kyambogo University. SCHOOL VISION: To produce a society of diligent skilled socially responsible and useful citizens who strive for excellence. SCHOOL MISSION: To provide affordable, equitable and whole round education with scientific technical and cultural skills and attitudes so as to create useful citizens. SCHOOL MOTTO: DUC IN ALTUM. Take to the deep. SCHOOL SYMBOL: “The Buffalo”.

Kyamuhunga Secondary School

bushenyi, Bushenyi
Contact Phones : 256772643590,n/a
secondary school

Kyeibare Girlss Secondary School

bushenyi, Bushenyi
Contact Phones : 256772612168,n/a
secondary school

Lakeside College Luzira

Kampala, Luzira
Contact Phones : n/a,414223063
secondary school

Leo Atubo College - Ngetta

-, located at Ngetta CatholicMission opposite Uganda Martyrs University Ngetta Campus (Former NTC Ngetta). It is 8km from Lira Town on Lira-Kitgum road
Contact Phones : +256-772-576337,-
Web Address :-
At Leo Atubo College - Ngetta we know that discipline is paramount. We do not tolerate any unwanted behavioramong students and staff. It is for this reason that we maintained a cleanrecord as far as discipline of staff and students is concerned. Indisciplinedstudents are not welcome.

Light College Katikamu

-, Wakiso
Contact Phones : -,0414-200400
Web Address :-
Light College Katikamu is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Private Sponsored School. The School is found inWakiso District and in Masulita Sub-County.


Kampala - Uganda, PO Box 14148 Kampala
Contact Phones : .,0414270135
Web Address :
We are a model school for yesterday,today and tomorrow and this is reflected in our UNEB results for Both O' and A' level We have always maintained as an academic powerhouse with our staff members doing a commendable job to teach and nurture our students

Luigi Giussani High School

-, Banda
Contact Phones : +256 783464627,-
Web Address
MOTTO: With our hands but with His strength. VISION: Persons aware of their value and dignity and capable to promote the growth of the entire society. MISSION: To help students to discover themselves and to bring out what is already in them (talents, desires, values…). Knowledge, skills and notions are also very important but as tools to introduce the learners to the totality and meaning of reality. Every Student is Unique We are dedicated to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, regardless of ability or background. Based on a progressive and inclusive curriculum, our teaching is innovative and challenging in both content and delivery. Students achieve most when they enjoy their learning, so we encourage active participation in the classroom and the involvement of parents and carers at home. Proactive setting of targets and monitoring of achievement ensure that all students make the best possible progress, and we encourage them to t

Luyanzi College

-, Bweyogerere, Kampala,
Contact Phones : 0705888887, 0706888887,-
Web Address
The Centre of Knowledge Inspiration, Luyanzi College, Bweyogerere Campus, is a private co-education and interdenominational institution where admission is on merit. Luyanzi College rapidly established itself as a haven for senior students from Kenya,Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, India and of course, its home setting- Uganda. It’s a boarding and partly day college for girls and boys offering both “O” and “A” Level classes, and registered by Ministry of Education and Sports and UNEB Centre No. U0731. Its schools participation selection code is No. 1505 for Primary Leaving and Uganda Certificate of Education candidate selection choices. The college is sited at 12 acres of land which is approximately less than 10kms from kampala city centre and located just 2.4 kms off the kampala - jinja highway at Buto-kakajjo Bweyogerere. The college has an inspirational beautiful and green atmosphere that is away from distractive influences of everyday human activity, making it a coinduciv

Mackay College Nateete

-, Nateete, Kampala
Contact Phones : -,+256 41 273414
Mission of the school To develop students with a strong sense of responsibility, fear of God, respect for social value, academic excellence, personal integrity, creativity, self reliance, entrepreneurschip, high esteem and self criticism through intensive, interactive and invitational teaching. Vision: striving for excellence Motto: temudda Nnyuma (No retrogression) Extra co-curricular activities Games (Football, Netball, Volleyball and Cricket) Music, Dance and drama Farming (gardening and piggery) Social clubs academic clubs debating clubs scouting

Maharishi Secondary School for Girls

-, 207 Mbale
Contact Phones : +256 782 386 868,-
Over the years, Uganda Martyrs Senior Secondary School Namugongo, which got its name from the Uganda Martyrs, has managed to establish itself, as one of the leading providers of quality secondary education in the country. The mixed school, located in Namugongo, recently marked its 45th Founder's Day, in a ceremony held at the school. In attendance was the school's only surviving founder, Hellen Namazzi, together with her family. Strong Christian values The staunch Christian foundation of this school is evident right from the moment you set foot on its campus. Aside from a large board of the 24 martyrs at the school's main hall, there are numerous monuments at different points in the school. On the left side right in front of the school's main hall, is a monument of the Virgin Mary, a strong symbol in the Catholic Church. On either sides of the Virgin Mary are monuments of St. Charles Lwanga and St Mathias Kalemba in kneeling postures. Humble beginning Uganda Martyrs Namugongo opene

Makerere College School

-, Makerere Hill Road
Contact Phones : -,+256 414 383 570
Web Address
Makerere College School is a co-educational government aided O and A- level school founded in 1945 by Makerere University [in 1945 Makerere University was still a College of London University]. It is located on Makerere University Campus, Kampala, adjacent to the College of Education and External Studies on Makerere Hill Road. The school operates on two campuses: An A' Level Campus located in Mulawa – Kira Town Council, Wakiso District and the O' Level Campus which is the main Campus, located on Makerere Hill, Kawempe Division – Kampala District on land owned by Makerere University. The two campus arrangement started in January 2015. The school started as a demonstration school where innovations in holistic quality teaching could be tried out and the best practices made accessible to other schools and teachers in the country. It started with an enrolment of 32 students; at the moment, its enrolment stands at 2393 with 1239 boys and 1159 girls.The school is renowned for its stude

Makerere High School

Makerere, MAkerere
Contact Phones : n/a,414541390
secondary school


25km Bombo road, P.O.Box 33504, Kampala - Uganda
Contact Phones : .,0772445995
Makerere High School, Migadde is a typical traditional school found in a semi rural environment 25km away from the hustle of the city (Kampala) along the Kampala – Gulu Highway. It started as Pillai's High School in 1939, its name was changed to Makerere High School in 1976 and extended into a boarding section in Migadde as Migadde College in 1998.But in 2007, Makerere High School moved from the city centre and merged with Migadde College on a very conducive 300 acre campus prompting the change of name to Makerere High School, Migadde.

Mandela Secondary School Hoima

-, Kiryatete west
Contact Phones : 256-774-952-090,-
SCHOOL MOTTO "Caring to achieve" The school has two campuses, the junior campus (Annex campus), located behind the King's palace and the Main campus located in Kiryatete west, along Mandela Rd, opposite Sir Tito Winyi Stadium, and at about 11/2 km West of Hoima town while the Annex or Junior campus is about 0.5 km from Hoima town near the king's palace SCHOOL MISSION The school is guided by a mission; We carefully provide knowledge, morals and skills that transform a student into a successful and responsible citizen. The mission is aimed at developing the three domains in a student i.e. the cognitive domain (the head), the affective domain (the heart) and the psychomotor domain (the hand). Join Mandela S S Hoima for a better product. he school is registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports with UNEB centre No. U1148 Mandela S S Hoima offers both A-Level and O Level

Maranatha High School

-, Ggaba Trading Centre L.C.1 Church Close
Contact Phones : +256-712-425116,-
Web Address
The school is registered with the Ministry of Education and sports with both O and A Level center Number U1973.The registration number for the school is PSS/M/140. The Vision of the School “Networks of next generation Christian leaders in Africa Modeled and transforming society applying biblical principles.” Mission of the school: "To provide quality affordable Education in Christian environment" Our Moto "We have a destiny" Maranatha High School-Ggaba in Uganda operates under the following core values Integrity Spirit filled Christian Excellence Equal opportunity Team work delegations Compassion and Servant hood Innovation and Creativity. Co- curriculum Activities Games and Sports MDD (Music dance and Drama) Debates Clubs Interact club Mathematics club Science club Geography club Economics club History club

Mariam High School

-, Kawempe North Kikaya Kawempe
Contact Phones : -,041-4530928
Web Address :-
Mariam High School is located in Kampala

Masajja SSS

Kampala, Busabala
Contact Phones : 256772434154,n/a
secondary school

Masese Girls Boarding SChool

Jinja, Jinja
Contact Phones : 0772189165,256434123551
secondary school

Mashariki High School

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,256414532075
secondary school

Mbale High School

MBale, Mbale
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
secondary school

Mbale Riverside Secondary School

Mbale, MBale
Contact Phones : 256752625891,n/a
secondary school

Mbale Secondary School

Mbale, MBale
Contact Phones : n/a,454433398
secondary schools

Mbogo High School

-, Kampala Ttula
Contact Phones : -,+256 414 566 241
Our achievements are attributed to the teachers especially the ones in administration, long serving teachers, non teaching and support staff, not to forget the endless support of the directors and founders of MBOGO schools. Motto: In knowledge we trust Vision: To be a leading institute of excellence in academics and social ethics. Mission: To provide all round education that empowers the girl child to meet global challenges, be productive and self reliant. Values: God fearing Discipline and academic excellence, Respect for persons and property self leadership and esteem Time management Integrity Mandate: To nurture responsible, patriotic citizens with relevant skills for personal and national development.

Mbogo Mixed Secondary School

-, Nabweru sub county, Wakiso district
Contact Phones : -,+ 256 414 567 045
VISION To become a highly reputable Muslim founded school, a school of first choice in Academic Excellency and discipline in Uganda. MISSION Building a strong school that will promote excellence in education in an environment that treasures and challenges each individual. Academics The school academic curriculum is based on that designed by the national Curriculum Development Center. All teaching syllabi are designed according the this curriculum.


-, 2 km off Lwanda Trading Centre on Kyotera-Rakai road
Contact Phones : -,-
The school deals with general education but also specializes in agriculture and animal husbandry. Further, the students have the option to take practical lessons in building and concrete practice, carpentry and joinery, welding, tailoring and cutting. The neighboring communities benefit from the school's work and services especially from the maize mill, repair workshop, furniture and knowledge on organic farming. The school also has a diploma programme with of accreditation from Uganda Martyrs University and its awards are fully recognized and comparable to those other of public high institutions of learning. The school pursues the following course objectives to work towards realisation of its mission, to; to provide high quality education, designed to meet current demands of the agricultural sector, to prepare students to be self-reliant in their future service, to disseminate agricultural knowledge for modernization, improved productivity and profitability of agriculture, to

Mengo Senior School

Mengo, Mengo Road
Contact Phones : n/a,+256(414)272235
Web Address

Merryland High Schools Entebbe

-, 3Km after Entebbe International Airport
Contact Phones : 0751062589,-
Merryland High School has two campuses, Katabi founded in 2012 and the main campus (Kigungu) started in 2001 with a mission "To Provide A Holistic Education". Both campuses are licenced and registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports with UNEB Centre numbers U1354 and U3043 for both levels respectively. OUR MISSION To provide a Holistic Education that will develop students' physical , intellectual, moral and social abilities in preparation for service to mankind. OUR VISION To provide a Holistic Education that will develop students' physical , intellectual, moral and social abilities in preparation for service to mankind To provide entrepreneurial , technical and vocational skills development as a means of enhancing self- reliance in the face of the growing unemployment in Uganda. To increase access to Holistic Education through the bursary programme to the less advantaged in the different regions of Uganda To provide a Holistic Education that will develop students' phy

Midfield Secondary School Kibuye

Kampala, Kibuye
Contact Phones : n/a,414269220
secondary school

Midland High School

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : 0772458920,n/a
secondary school

Migadde College

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : 256772401626,n/a
secondary school


Entebbe -Kiwafu Road, P.O.Box 206 Kampala
Contact Phones : .,0414 580850
This school of conduct intends to guide the student in understanding his/her stay at Migade College School Luwafu i.e. Positive result orientation. The school is formed at a high level of academic smartness, social behavior and a great discipline culture. You are in that way expected to put up with tradition; bearing in mind that failure to do so, leads to loss of privilege to stay in the school.

Milenium Universa College

Tororo, Tororo
Contact Phones : 256712677651,n/a
secondary school

MK Crown Academy

Contact Phones : 256(0)772 435333,256(0)414 669967
Web Address
Programs at MK Crown Academy are stimulating, rewarding and forward looking. They focus on whole student development by embracing academic progress, the building of character, self-determination, leadership, social skills and participation in co-curricular activities. The school mission is 'To form young boys and girls into academically well groomed independent and socially balanced citizens.' Students enjoy working in excellent facilities and a beautiful, quiet environment. They have access to an engaging curriculum and a team of well-qualified and experienced staff that provides a friendly learning environment. Uniqueness of MK Crown Academy A God-fearing Foundation. Affordable fees. Balanced Diet provided in all meals, for both staff and students. Own examination center. Serene reading environment. Classes are supplemented with periodical tests, discussions, seminars with other schools and study tours. We have highly skilled & experienced teachers. An understanding

Mother Kevin SSS

Jinja, Jinja
Contact Phones : n/a,256434120191
secondary school

Mount Masaba High School

MBale, Mbale
Contact Phones : 256772518378,n/a
secondary school

Mount Of Olives College Kakiri

-, 2 Kms to Kakiri Town
Contact Phones : +256718395584, +256700265360,-
Web Address
To enrich the curriculum, such subjects as Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), World Starts with Me, (WSWM) and Career Education are also taught. Admission Requirements O Level Requirements O level students are required to have a valid PLE Pass Slip, 4 passport sized photographs and a recommendation letter from the former school. A Level Requirements A level students are required to have a valid PLE Pass Slip and UCE Certificate, 4 passport sized photographs and a recommendation letter from the former school. You can now download and print out our Application Forms for Vacancies in our School to be admitted to either Senior One or Senior Five. After Printing it out, fill it in and Bring it the School in Kakiri

Mount Saint Mary's College Namagunga

-, Lugazi
Contact Phones : +256 793 448536,-
The school is aligned on the following objectives: To educate and emancipate young girls of this Nation and shape them through discipline and academic excellence into enlightened and God fearing citizens. To sensitize and raise the status of women and girls through education and give them opportunity to participate/contribute to the development of society and their country. Give leadership training to young women to prepare them to competently assume leadership roles in this Nation. Equip young women with practical skills that will help them to be self-reliant. Promote human resource development and proactive management practices as well as good governance, to enhance service delivery. Promote the development of students’ welfare systems for the attainment of academic excellence and an integral holistic education. Provide an environment that nurtures excellence and high standards of professionalism in teaching and learning. Some of the prominent alumni of the school include:

Mpoma Girls School

-, 7KM along Mukono Kayunga Road: near Mpoma satellite earth station: Namma Sub-Ccounty
Contact Phones : +256 772 345 882,-
Web Address
The importance of girl education cannot be emphasized enough .This is what the founders of Mpoma School had in mind. They set out to groom responsible and God fearing citizens by providing an education that would shape value and opportunities of individual girls. We are aware that a quality education can dramatically change the lives of girls and everyone around them, thus the school motto ‘Toil for quality and Success’ Our motto, “Toil for Quality and Success” can only be achieved if we take into consideration of the girl Child. Our dream is to pass out products that are knowledgeable, God fearing, academically sound ladies who can cope with the global challenges of this world. The girls are thus helped to get involved in a number of activities which can help them to develop morally, physically, spiritually, in order to bring up a holistic being. In Mpoma School, God takes His much deserved first place; and this is a culture we are proud to consistently inculcate in all our students.

Mt. St. Henry’s High School Mukono

-, six kilometers along Bugerere- Kayunga Road
Contact Phones : +256-784-136-711,-
The school stands on four strong pillars that we cherish and make our products unique when they go out in the world. These are; God fearing: In Mt. St. Henry’s High School Mukono this is deep seated in the hearts of all because we know in God everything is possible and that the fear of God is the source of wisdom. This certifies the mission of the school which states, “To provide quality education in a humane and religious environment”. This makes us associate with all those religious beliefs that preach the gospel of unity, peace and love for one another. Moral uprightness. In Mt. St. Henry’s High School Mukono discipline is paramount and we believe that it is the key to success in all aspects of life. This is mainly promoted through school programs like co-curricular activities: sports, games; music, dance and drama. Apart from discipline and body physical fitness these activities enable the students to be close to their teachers and hence bridging the gap between teachers and st

Mubende high school

-, Near NTC Mubende
Contact Phones : +256702460847 /+256772460847.,-
Web Address :-
ADMINISTRATION: The school prides itself in having highly qualified, experienced and professional staff. Based on the fact its founders are teacher trainers with a bias to quality education and professionalism. The duty of the school Authorities has been and is to: §To guide and train the students in sound behavior. §To guide and train them in their studies and conduct. §To guide and train them in individual and personal problems. §To offer them Vocational, Career guidance and training. §To prepare them face a professional, moral and social world The duty of every student is: §To train himself / herself by accepting whole heartedly to be trained and guided by the school system, i.e., physically, intellectually and morally. CURRICULUM: The school has been offering Science, Arts and Vocational subjects mainly; English language, Mathematics, Geography, History, religious Education, Political Education, Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Stu

Mukono Kings High School

-, Mukono
Contact Phones : +256 703-988 101,-
Web Address
Registered and licensed by the Ministry of Education and Sports under the Reg. No PSS/M/101 with the UNEB Center Number U/1595. Discipline is a forefront aspect and a core qualification of every student joining Mukono Kings High School. At Mukono Kings High School, we uplift talents of students through different skills like in Games, Sports, Drama etc. Objectives: The school has a number of objectives among which: To provide education to the vulnerable children. To provide practical knowledge & skills through the program of entrepreneurship skills.

Muntuyera High School Kitunga

Kitunga, Muntuyera
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
secondary school

Nabisunsa Girls Secondary School

-, 7 miles on Jinja road, branch off from Banda trading centre to the left for about 70 metres.
Contact Phones : -,+256 414 286168
The school offers both science and liberal arts subjects from Senior One (Grade 8) through Senior Six (Grade 13). Some of the prominent alumni of the school include the following: Syda Namirembe Bbumba - Accountant, politician and banker. She is the former Minister of Gender, Labor & Social Development. Ruth Nankabirwa - State Minister for Fisheries in the Uganda Cabinet Princess Kabakumba Labwoni Masiko - Economist and politician. Current MP for Bujenje County, Masindi District. Former Minister of the Presidency in the Ugandan Cabinet. Jackie Chandiru - Musician and entertainer. She was a member of the musical group Blu*3. Rehema Kasule Enterprise Development Expert

Naggalama Islamic Institute

-, Naggalama
Contact Phones : -,0414 663617
Naggalama Islamic Institute is a private institute registered as a secondary school offering both Arabic (theology) and secular studies. A number of students have passed through this institute and are successful. The Islamic foundation that they get from this school helps them to live a better life wherever they are, For example since 1997, our students have been serving Islam in muslim Students' Associations of Makerere University and Mbale Universities. Being one of the objectives, the administration of this school found it necessary ot organize quran competitions internally such that our students get accustomed to recitation as it is the guide to mankind. The school has three levels in the religious section i.e. Shubar (Special class) equivalent to primary. Idaad- This is the ordinary level. Thanawi- this is the advanced level. Its upon the above back ground that students have competed in these three levels. We thank the those who have participated. The second part of our

Namilyango College

Seeta, Jinja Road
Contact Phones : n/a,+256(414)290009
Web Address

Namirembe Hillside High School

Gayaza, Gayaza Road
Contact Phones : 256772424775,n/a
secondary school

Namungoona Parents Sec School

Kampala, Namungoona
Contact Phones : 256712884861,n/a
secondary school

New Castle High SChool

Kampala, Kansanga
Contact Phones : n/a,256414268425
secondary school

Newcastle High School

P.O Box 3174, TU-DOR Hous, Plot 338,Ggaba Road
Contact Phones : 0785597662,0712187972,+256 414 268 425

Nile High SChool

Mukono, Mukono
Contact Phones : n/a,256772511525
secondary school


Kaderbhoy Road, Jinja, Uganda, P.O.Box 1829 Jinja -Njeru
Contact Phones : .,0434-120264
Mission: To offer skills training to the vulnerable and non vulnerable youths in Uganda & beyond. Goal: NVI aims at providing vocational skills for gainful employment (employed or self employed) to the vulnerable especially orphaned youths to enable them become self-reliant Objectives: These include; To impart skills to the youth to enable them earn a living. To instil good morals into the youth in order to produce honest, sincere, hard working and responsible citizens. To provide the nation with skilled craftsmen/women for development To develop technologies appropriate for Uganda’s situation. Philosophy: NVI is a Christian institution built on solid values of the Christian doctrines as enshrined in the Christian Code of beliefs- Apostle’s Creed. NVI sets to provide a balanced monitoring curriculum in which technical skills are given to learners together with moral & spiritual values. Technical morals and religious values not merely taught but a

Notre Dame High School

-, 1 Km along Bukakata road
Contact Phones : +256-711-396997,-
Foundation The Notre Dame High School was founded by a group of voluntary educationists and teachers who felt pity of the disadvantaged and orphaned children on the streets and who were living in very bad homes and those whose parents died of HIV or AIDS. The religion pillars of the school are Catholic Christian. Objectives To provide school for children from absolute poor families who can’t afford secondary or vocational fees for their kids. Education and training for helpless orphaned children in Mpigin Masaka, Ssembabule, Wkiso and Rakai Districts and make those children useful world citizens. Catering, training and education disadvantaged girls who had drop-outs due to early pregnancies or lack of school fees on care. Catering for basic health and nutrition of the children on school. Researching into problems that affect adolescence learning, especially for girls. The school discipline training statement of Notre Dame High School We endeavour to train our students

Nsambya Hill Side high SChool

Kampala, NSambya
Contact Phones : 256772526168,n/a
secondary school

Nsambya Secondary School

-, along Nsambya Housing Estate Road, Via Nsambya hospital
Contact Phones : +256701958494,-
Web Address
Vision Statement To be a leading provider of quality secondary Education and a center of God fearing institution. How to register The gates to the School are open from Monday to Friday (8:00am-5:00pm) and Saturday (9:00am-2:00pm). All you need to do is to visit the school at your earliest convenience and you will be attended to. Education Syllabus The School Teaching Syllabus has been carefully selected in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Sports Guideline. The syllabus enhances Government policies and priorities. For example the policy of putting emphasis on the sciences and promoting the development of functional skills and competences necessary for the job market, Job creation, further education and life in the community. The school with its nicely prepared program of activities is bent towards academic excellence and promoting Christian virtues. Students intellectual activities like debating, quizzes and through various clubs such as the writers club

Ntare SChool

Mbarara, MBarara
Contact Phones : n/a,485420065
secondary school

Old Kampala Senior Secondary school

-, Old Kampala
Contact Phones : -,0414 235 010
Old Kampala Senior Secondary school is a mixed O and A level school. It is located on Old Kampala Hill near the historical Fort Kampala, Old Kampala Police Station, on Old Kampala Road off Namirembe Road. The school acutally lies where two hills meet. Old Kampala Senior Secondary school is a Government Indian founded school and it is as old as the Indian settlement in Uganda.As the Indian settlement grew and prospered, the need for its own system of education became a necesity. The arrival of two brothers: Mr. K.D Gupta and Mr.B.D Gupta from Bengal India-an ancient seat of learning, coincided with the needs of the allien community.Unlike their counterparts in trading, the Guptas were teachers and they initiated the setting up of the school and Mr. K.D Gupta became its first headmaster. The school began to grow in fame and size and this campus became accomodate the influx of the students. A new site at Kololo(current Kololo Senior Secondary School) was opened as its annex

Our Lady Of Good Counsel Gayaza

-, Gayaza, Uganda
Contact Phones : -,+256-414-597586
Web Address
Our Vision To be the best school in molding God fearing, academically successful and morally upright citizens to fit in the dynamic world. Our Mission To provide quality, affordable and holistic education. Our Core Values God fearing, Discipline, Academic excellence and holistic education. Senior one curriculum The school implemented the policy guidelines on S1 curriculum by teaching the 15 subjects only with 15 subjects with effect from 2007. The following were selected by the school administration in addition to the compulsory subjects mentioned earlier. Christian religious education Commerce French Kiswahili Agriculture Home management Computer science Fine art Physical education (compulsory for S1 and S2) English literature is integrated with English language at this level.All students select three other subjects at S3 level to enable them register for 10 subjects for U.C.E exams. A'Level The policy of A’ level offering only 3 principle


-, Kulambiro Ntinda
Contact Phones : +256 (0)752 486 361,-
Web Address :-
Our UNEB center number is U1220. Our Vision: To Develop, Lead and Excel in Quality Education and Training. Our Mission To provide and promote quality and affordable education and training with a strong intellectual and moral background. Our Motto You Reap What Your Sow. Our Pal & Lisa Values: Professionalism Ambition Leadership Listening skills Impute/Image Service Orientedness Attractiveness

Progressive Secondary School Kitintale

Kampala, Kitintale
Contact Phones : n/a,0414220401
secondary school

Rainbow International School Uganda

-, Tyaba Zone, Nanganda-Lukuli
Contact Phones : +256-758-032501,+256-312-266696
Rainbow International School Uganda (RISU) began in September 1991 as a primary school with 29 children. In September 1995 the school moved to a 9-acre site with purpose-built classrooms to which an administration block was recently added. Since then student numbers have grown steadily and this has been matched by physical development of the facilities and infrastructure. Rainbow has 6 science laboratories, 3 computer rooms with a 24/7 internet connection, 2 music rooms, a hall each in Primary and Secondary, a drama room, 2 art rooms, 2 football pitches, a basketball court, a volleyball court and a 25-metre swimming pool. The school expanded into the provision of A Level in 2000 and today has close to 800 pupils on roll ranging from 21⁄2 years old up to University entrance level. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT RISU follows the guidelines of the National Curriculum for England and we believe in the holistic education and development of each student. The Rainbow curriculum is broad-based a

Real Trust S.s

Wakiso, Wakiso
Contact Phones : 0712160038,n/a
secondary school

Rena College Mayuge

Contact Phones : 256 (0) 702 134 272,-
SCHOOL MOTTO “Strive and trust God”. VISION To shine in Mayuge and beyond. MISSION “We stand for academic excellence, professional growth and promotion of culture and community values” CORE VALUES God fearing (Psalm 111:10) Honesty Hard work and commitments Respect (Self, Staff, Students, Parents, Community property)(Hebrews 4: 13) Punctuality Loyalty Team work STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES To provide a wide beam of knowledge to students that will enable them become useful citizens of the world. Uplift, maintain and improve the academic standard of the school and for that purpose, employ teachers, lecturers, facilitators and advisers related to the promotion of Education. Teach and advance the teaching, innovation and invention of ideas including but not limited to virtual learning and training. Be agents or affiliates of schools and colleges involved in similar or related objectives in Uganda and beyond. RALLYING CRY R - Reliable in E - Education N - NOT A - Ac

Royal College Makindye

-, Makindye division, Kirundi zone
Contact Phones : +256 782 321524,-
Motto Our college motto is “education is the key” Vision Our vision “to be a highly visible college known for excellence in educating people” Mission Our mission is to facilitate understanding for all We will achieve this by carrying out day-to-day activities and striving to create value for all stakeholders and treating them with respect and fairness, following the philosophy that all students have equal rights and be counted as those who are considerate to the community and environment. Goals and objectives In order for royal college to attain its vision in the manner described in our mission statement, the following strategic goals need to be achieved. Contribute towards the human resource development in Africa. Provide for development of students talents Equip students with life skills so as to be competitive in a changing environment. It is full registered by the ministry of Education and sports and has a UNEB Center No. U1971

Ruyonza School Mbarara

Bushenyi, Bushenyi
Contact Phones : 772550504,256485442136
secondary school

Sam's Park High School

-, Kampala
Contact Phones : +256 704094120, +256 782 76977,-
Web Address
Vision To be the epitome for a holistic and purposeful secondary education. Core Values The core values that Sam’s Park High School seeks to foster in its students are: Humility and Confidence Internal reflection and Spiritual growth Respect and Tolerance Curiosity and Innovation Integrity, Inclusion and Consideration. Admissions Choosing a perfect school for your child is a life forming and enhancing decision. At Sam’s Park High School we believe that learning should be innovative , exciting and therefore spark a lifelong desire to seek knowledge and development. At Sam’s Park High School you will find a diversity of students and faculty, culture, interests and ethnicity; an experience your child should not miss. Please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page in the footer area for assistance with regards to admission to Sam’s Park High School. Curriculum All learning is in English, following the Uganda National Curriculum, where students si

Secret Heart Secondary School

Kabwohe, Kabwohe
Contact Phones : 256772494550,n/a
secondary school

Seeta High School

-, Seeta
Contact Phones : +256782189318,0414-695-660
Vision To be a model school in molding God fearing, academically excellent and responsible leaders. Aim To produce responsible leaders who are academically excellent and morally upright based on Christian principles. Mission To develop academic and other talents of students in a truly humane and Christian environment. Motto: Education for a bright future Our application offices are at the respective offices; Seeta high main Seeta High Mbalala campus Seeta High Green campus Main campus - 0414-695-660 or +256782189318 Mbalala Campus +256782189318 Green Campus 0312-515031 or +256782189318


-, Mukono
Contact Phones : 0772 487942,-
Web Address
Being part of the global hub for Christ-centered education and services would be a great opportunity for a student to explore one’s full potential in all sectors of life. Seroma was ranked among the nine four-star schools in Uganda according to the 2009 Ministry of Education and Sports ranking of private secondary schools. Our school aims at developing the whole person. We provide equal opportunity to all. In keeping the school’s mission to equip Christ-centered, self-motivated and skilled emerging leaders through quality education, the school endeavours to provide programmes having considered the final out come. Within the eight years, the school has witnessed phenomenal growth and development in the numbers of students and staff, expansion in facilities and improved academic performance. We provide a carefully assembled package that includes the academics, co- curricular and the Christian social life well guided by our qualified staff. Our Christian and result-oriented

Serwanga Lwanga Memorial S.S

KAlangala, Kalangala
Contact Phones : 256772508590,n/a
secondary school

Shuhadea E Islamic Secondary School

MBarara, MBarara
Contact Phones : 0752886824,n/a
secondary school

ssesanga motor garage

465, ben kiwanuka street
Contact Phones : 0704805434,
its amotor garage which is located in makidye division. it deals in land rovers onl y.

St Edward's Secondary School Bukuumi

-, 7km from Kakumiro Town
Contact Phones : 0775 200308,-
It was started in 1945 by White Fathers as a boy's junior school to feed sister schools by then which were called Colleges. Among these colleges were St. Mary's College Kisubi, St, Henry's College Kitovu, Namilyango College, St. Leos Kyegobe etc. Later, in 1948, the white fathers handed over the school to the Brothers of Christian Instruction for management up to date. Brother James Monette (a Canadian) pioneered the leadership of the school taking over from Rev. Fr. Brown. When the European Missionaries left Uganda in the 1970s due to the instability of Iddi Amin's regime, the native Brothers took over the management of the school to date. In 1976, the school became Mixed (Boys and girls) after a nearby girl's school St. Cecilia lacked management. School Vision: Our vision is "to be the leading school in the country in both academic and moral producing citizens of high integrity". Mission: Our mission is "to pursue excellence in holistic education with Christian values,

St Elizabeth Nkoowe

WAkiso, Nkoowe
Contact Phones : n/a,256414370664
secondary school


-, Jolwe-Manyangwa 4 Kms off Gayaza-Kalagi Road next to Jomayi Housing Estate
Contact Phones : +256 776-690090,+256 414-690090
VISION To be the leading Primary School in the provision of all round education and God fearing Citizens. OBJECTIVES To equip young people with valuable life long skills to enable them survive in the dynamic world To be partners with government in fostering development through the provision of quality education To help students discover and develop their talents and academics, sports and other extra co-curricular activities SCHOOL UNIFORMS 'O' Level girls wear white short sleeved blouses and grey shirts, while the boys wear white short sleeved shirts and grey trousers 'A'Level girls wear cream long sleeved houses and Khaki brown shirts, while boys put on cream long sleeved shirts, khaki brown trousers and Khaki brown base shorts All students wear black shoes and black belts in combination with white stockings for girls and black stocks for boys FEE STRUCTURE 'O' Level - 700,000/= 'A' Level - 750,000/= FACILITIES The school is situated in an environment str

St Kagwa Bushenyi high SChool

Bushenyi, Bushenyi
Contact Phones : n/a,2560485442035
secondary school

St Lawrence Citizens' High School

Mengo, KAbaka Anjagala Road
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
secondary school

St Lawrence Schools & College

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : 0772855900,n/a
secondary school

St MAria goretti S.S.S KAtende

Mpigi, KAtende
Contact Phones : n/a,256414373528
secondary school

St Mary’s boarding secondary school kitende

-, Kitende, Kampala – Entebbe High Way
Contact Phones : +256785201040,-
Is one of the leading schools in Uganda, its first class two campuses provides unrivalled range of environment for educational opportunities of outstanding breadth and quality. The school runs as an “O” and “A” level , boys and girls mixed school, offering both sciences and Arts subjects for the Advanced level, whereas the “O” level avails its students with equally all the government curriculum of education. The school is registered with the Ugandan Ministry of education and sports with a centre number 1224. The school is unique in size and structure today, with ground breaking opportunities that have opened up boarders for international students, from countries like Rwanda, Senegal, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi among others. Such anticipated twentieth century developments have enabled us design a school system that well suits our students. As a family of world class institutions, the school has a reputation for not only academic distinction, but also sports excellence, both i

St Mbuga SSS

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
secondary school

St PAul's College Mbale

Mbale, MBale
Contact Phones : n/a,256454433398
secondary school

St. Augustine's College Wakiso

Kampala, Wakiso
Contact Phones : 0712160038,n/a
secondary school

St. Augustine's College- Wakiso

-, 11 KM along Kampala-Hoima Road
Contact Phones : +256772 460874,+256(0) 414 372593
Reg. No. PSS/S/121 UNEB Centre U0781 A student’s education process should be comfortable for them. It should be fun because then, they will love education and excel at it. St. Augustine’s College know this for a fact. That is why we go to extra strengths to ensure that our students have a wonderful time while in school so they can be motivated to study. A student is able to learn and understand if they actually enjoy it. To ensure this; we build St. Augustine’s College with a student in mind. Our classrooms spacious designed with enough space. The classroom windows and doors face the right direction so as to let in just the right amount of sunshine and fresh air. The school stands on 25 acres. This gives us enough room for expansion when necessary and enough space for co curricular activities.

St. Barnabas College

n/a, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,256414256558
secondary school


Mpigi - Masaka Highway, P.O Box 63 mpigi
Contact Phones : .,0752536352
St. Henry’s Girls’ S.S. Buyege is abbreviated as SHEBS. It is a girls’ school found in SHEBS is characterized by a quiet green environment which provides conducive room for concentration of our students, hence the constant students’ excellence year after year at all levels. We focus on building the future lady wholly in all disciplines through ‘Educating the girl child!’Our school accomodates girls of various backgrounds irrespective of tribe or religion. However, one must be ready to abide by the school regulations and observe a high level of DISCIPLINE. We have a population of about 500 students but we can accomodate quite a bigger number.

St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School Naggalama

P. O. Box 22002, Naggalama, 34km on Kampala-Kayunga Road, Nabbale Sub-county of Nakifuma County, Mukono District, Uganda
Contact Phones : +256 772 431 674 ,+256 414 376 935

PREFACE St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School Naggalama is a catholic founded non-profit making private co-educational day and boarding school under the management of Lugazi Diocese and the parents. The school aims to promote the unique development of each student intellectually, socially and spiritually by providing an environment “where young people maximise their potential in light of Christ’s teaching to confidently face future challenges”. To realise this vision, the school endeavours to produce “God fearing, Christ centred, disciplined and self reliant individuals by imparting quality integrated education and instilling Christian values.” To this end, emphasis is placed on self-discipline and hard work, as embedded in the school motto: “Disciplined we succeed.” In order to achieve our objectives, the school has put in place guidelines and rules to enable each one of us contribute towards the integral development and formation of o


-, Kiteredde
Contact Phones : +256-788-359515,224-388-9144
St. Joseph’s Technical School was established in 1968 after the prolonged wars in Uganda. The school was started to provide technical skills to the orphaned children whose parents died during the war. In 1980, the district of Rakai was the first one in Uganda to be hit by HIV/AIDS; many children were left orphans and the Brothers merged the technical with the secondary section of the school. And so it became the Technical Secondary school. St, Joseph’s Technical Secondary has an opportunity to grow due to its uniqueness. It is the only school in the Rakai District that provides both high school education and technical skills. The majority of schools in Uganda provide either secondary education or technical education, but St. Joseph's provides both. St. Joseph's is a purely private school managed by the Brothers of St, Charles Lwanga locally, known as the Bannakaroli Brothers. They are based in the Rakai District of Uganda. Today St. Joseph’s has a total of 420 students, bo

St. Joseph's College Layibi

-, Gulu, Uganda
Contact Phones : 0772-591125,-
Web Address
Spirituality at Layibi College The college recognizes and allows to operate only three religious practice of Catholics, Original Anglican and Islam. Other religious sects are not allowed. Students and parents MUST abide to this. Prayers are compulsory on stated days and time – refer to the daily routine programme attached. Students must be ready to upgrade and fulfill sacraments expected of them. Co-Curriculum of St. Joseph’s College Layibi Main games and sports at the college are athletics, football, volley ball, basket ball, rugby and assorted indoor games. Games like karate, gambling, etc are forbidden. Main clubs and societies are YSC, Scripture Union, Debate, Drama, Press, Peace, Wild life, Young Farmers, Brass Band, Red Cross, Scouts, Youth Alive, etc. Every student is expected to enroll and participate actively in at least two of the official co-curricular activities in (a) and (c) above.


-, Ruhara Hill 1Kilometer from Karuguuza Town Ruhara Road
Contact Phones : +256772 575229, +256772 955536.,-
Web Address :-
School Motto “Education is our future” Mission Statement “To produce God fearing, responsible, self reliant and all round citizens with focused mind” Vision Statement “Creating a learning centre for all round excellence by 2020 Objectives To provide all round education, integrating life skills with academic, vocational and co-curricular disciplines to young people To embrace students performance by improving classroom teaching and learning To emphasize girl child education and minimize her drop out of school To provide affordable but high quality educational opportunities to students To prepare young ones for a bright future. Goals Providing all the students who are admitted into the school with the highest possible quality education. Allowing all students admitted into the school to have equal opportunities for development. Values ·High moral values are instilled in the students with the ultimate aim of turning them into good, useful a

St. Kizito S.S. Bugolobi

-, Old Port Bell Road Bugoloobi
Contact Phones : -,+256 (0)414 223 458
The Comboni Fathers of Mbuya Parish founded St. Kizito SS Bugolobi in 1997. For the first three years, the Management Committee of St. Kizito Primary School offered to be the care-taker Board of Governors. In 2000, a new Board of Governors was inaugurated with the principal aim of totally over seeing the management of the school. The new Board was given the mission statement of the school, which was reformulated as to provide quality affordable holistic education and thereby improve services to the community, promoting and inculcating social-religious, ethics & morals into the students. These broad aims continues to be pursued by every in-coming Board

St. Mark’s College Namagoma

-, After Nabbingo Trading Center
Contact Phones : +256-772-465480 ,+256-312-103418
Web Address
We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce the College and its community to you. We are an energetic, lively community offering a very wide range of activities and opportunities for each person to discover their passion and explore their talents. Our vision is to be a leading secondary school in Uganda and in the East African region. I hope your visit to our Website is worthwhile and enjoyable. Programs at St. Mark’s College are stimulating, rewarding and forward looking. They focus on building a holistic person developed by embracing academic progress, the building of character, self-determination, leadership, life skills and development of individual talents. Students enjoy working in excellent facilities and a beautiful yet quiet environment. Children have access to an engaging curriculum and a team of well-qualified and experienced staff provides a friendly learning environment where every child is valued individually. All interested parents and students from all


After Nabbingo Trading Center, P.O.Box 22888, Kampala - Uganda
Contact Phones : .,0772465480
Web Address
We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce the College and its community to you. We are an energetic, lively community offering a very wide range of activities and opportunities for each person to discover their passion and explore their talents. Our vision is to be a leading secondary school in Uganda and in the East African region. I hope your visit to our Website is worthwhile and enjoyable. Programs at St. Mark’s College are stimulating, rewarding and forward looking. They focus on building a holistic person developed by embracing academic progress, the building of character, self-determination, leadership, life skills and development of individual talents. Students enjoy working in excellent facilities and a beautiful yet quiet environment. Children have access to an engaging curriculum and a team of well-qualified and experienced staff provides a friendly learning environment where every child is valued individually. All interested parents and students from

St. Mary's High School

-, Katale Bunamwaya
Contact Phones : +256752620820,-
Our vision is to ensure that more and more boys and girls have access to quality education. Our mission is to provide quality secondary education through skills and knowledge There is a variety of extra curricular activities to enable learners uplift their abilities and talents in music dance and drama, sports and games through clubs and societies. We also offer quality accommodation and meals in a healthy environment. There is a modern well equipped library, a football ground, a reinforced fence with 24 hour security.

St. Mary's High School, Katale

-, Katale Bunamwaya
Contact Phones : +256752620820,-
Our vision is to ensure that more and more boys and girls have access to quality education. Our mission is to provide quality secondary education through skills and knowledge There is a variety of extra curricular activities to enable learners uplift their abilities and talents in music dance and drama, sports and games through clubs and societies. We also offer quality accommodation and meals in a healthy environment. There is a modern well equipped library, a football ground, a reinforced fence with 24 hour security.


Zana Entebbe Road, P.O BOX 15273 Kampala
Contact Phones : .,0775878780
Our school is purely a girls' boarding school located on Entebbe road at Zana just 5 miles away from Kampala city centre with highly qualified and experienced teachers, standard structures, conducive and good reading environment. We give attention to our students' health by keeping them fit through co curricular activities. We participate in regional sports activities like Volleyball, Netball, Basketball, Table tennis, athletics and several others Nothing without labor

St. Peter's Senior Secondary School Nsambya

-, along Hanlon Road on Nsambya Hill
Contact Phones : -,+256 414 267846
Web Address
SPENSA was founded by the Mill Hill Missionaries in 1907. The school cherishes the legacy of the Roman Catholic foundation, pivoting on the principles and core values that shape a dignified human character. That is, Truthfulness, Justice, Honesty, Impartiality, Obedience, Humility, Dialogue, Knowledge, Hard work and the Fear of God. Admission requirements a)For S.1 A Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) pass slip. b)For S.2, S.3, S.4 and S. Report form from previous school & Either an identification card or recommendation. Admission to these classes is normally closed for the second and third academic terms. c)For S.5 UCE result slip/equivalent or recommendation from the previous school indicating UCE results & School leaving certificate d)4 passport size photos e)Students from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi etc should bring authentic reports or recommendations showing their education levels


-, 4km off Kibuye along Salama Road
Contact Phones : +256772457430,-
OUR OBJECTIVES To provide education at affordable charges To maintain a strong highly motivated and committed teamwork in a conducive environment To empower the girl child and disadvantaged ones at subsidized fee To develop students talents by encouraging co- circular activities To produce moral upright and disciplined students To impart knowledge and skills into students To make them self-reliant To extend any other services proven suitable for the community . OUR CORE VALUES We believe that success is achieved as a team. Together we are serving the same purpose and are working towards the same goal. Therefore, we encourage each individual’s maximum co-operation in order to achieve this goal. We put the needs of the learners first. We respect their time and support their efforts to excel. We give every child the opportunity to achieve his full potential regardless of gender, race or religion. We do not discriminate against tribe, race, colour, origin or religio

St.Marys College Kisubi

Kisubi, Entebbe Road
Contact Phones : n/a,+256(414)321085

Stella Maris College - Nsube

-, Nsube
Contact Phones : +256 (0)772 891140,-
Stella Maris College admits girls from all walks of life who are academically sounding. We boost to have all tribes in Uganda being represented. Although the college is a Catholic founded, we admit girls of all religious denominations. We equally support them to develop and maintain their faith. Vision To provide holistic formation to the girl-child in order to produce a lady who is self fulfilled with the highest academic standard seasoned with God-loving and God fearing spirit valuable to herself and valuing other people Mission Discipline and academic growth of women

Stena Hill School

KAmpala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,256772410830
secondary school

Taibah Girls School

Kawempe, Ttula Road
Contact Phones : +256(752)567119,+256(414)567119

Teso College

-, Aloet
Contact Phones : +256772601904,-
CODE OF CONDUCT COLLEGE RULES & REGULATIONS Preamble: These rules and regulations shall be cited as “Teso College Aloet School Rules” and shall apply to ALL Students of the school during their entire stay in Teso College Aloet. Students MUST produce this document when being interviewed, counselled or advised by the student leaders, staff and Disciplinary Committee. GUIDING PRINCIPLES All the Rules and Regulations stipulated here are based on the following guiding principles; 1. SCHOOL MOTTO: Aijaanakin Ka Arimarit 2. SCHOOL VISION: “To be a leading centre of excellence and enhancement of educational opportunities for sustainable national development.” 3. SCHOOL MISSION: “To prepare all our students for their further education, training and professional careers through a well-rounded education rooted in the core moral values of service, obedience, honesty and integrity.” 4. In this school, a student owes a duty to himself, his parents, his school and his country


Makeere - Kikoni, Makeerere- KIKONI Kampal
Contact Phones : -,0776189872
For your Nursery and Pre-School...

TOroro PRogressive Secondary School

Tororo, Tororo
Contact Phones : n/a,256454445096
secondary school

Tororo Town College

Tororo, Tororo
Contact Phones : 256772874975,n/a
secondary school

Tropical High School Kabalagala

Kampala, John Kiyingi Road, Kabalagala
Contact Phones : +256 712 801 386,+256 414 388 999

The school was established on the 12th day, of February, 1996 at Kabalagala central zone - Makindye division. It was founded by professional teachers namely:  Mr.Busuulwa Felix, M/s Nakato Rose, Mr.Bazibu Micheal Kagawa and Rev.Fr.David Lwanga (late); may his soul rest in peace.  The next of kin of the late is Mr. Joseph Kiggundu.In January 2005, Rev. Fr. Eustachius Lwemalika joined the school as a share holder/director. 

Turkish Light Academy

WAkiso, WAkiso
Contact Phones : n/a,256414575858
secondary school

Uphill College Mbuya

-, Nakawa Mbuya
Contact Phones : 0772448636,0414370566
Web Address :-
Uphill College Mbuya is a Secondary School in Uganda.The School is a Government Sponsored School. The School is found inKampala District and in Nakawa Sub-County

Vienna College Namugongo

-, Namugongo
Contact Phones : -,+256 312 261911
Vienna College is a Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Centre UG010 offering IGCSE, GCE “A” Level” courses and A.I.C.E Diploma Awards. The location of the College, on a cool hilltop some ten kilometers east of Kampala, provides the right atmosphere for the life and routine of the Vienna students. Their expectations and commitment are of a high order and the performances of the Vienna examination candidates reflect this most satisfactorily. The classroom and laboratory blocks are functional and well equipped and the residential, dormitory, accommodation matches the teaching facilities. An airy dining area, separate canteen, basketball court and large playing field complete the school site. Requirements This is the list of personal items a student has to bring to the school when reporting on the first day. The school would like to advise parents to clearly mark all items, so that every item is clearly identifiable as belonging to your child (ren). Leisure clothing sho


Along the road to Mwiri hill, Jinja, P.O Box, 234
Contact Phones : .,(+256) 706 112 232
Viva College is a privately owned modern boarding secondary school located along the outskirts of Jinja town which is only 80 km from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The Jinja campus is located along the road to Mwiri hill in a serene and cool environment with wonderful view of Lake Victoria. It is a mixed secular school offering the Uganda National Curriculum for both O and A level students. To achieve this, we rely on ten value statements: Our students come first We are a campus of professionals, innovators and educators We welcome individuality and self-reflection We appreciate and celebrate our community We communicate our campus pride and excitement We are committed to consistent business processes and systems while fostering innovation We work toward creating a financially sustainable model of higher education that considers the interests of our multiple stakeholders We embrace a culture of leadership, trust and communication


P.O.BOX 16561 Kampala, Off - Mulago hill road
Contact Phones : 0772365929,0772365929
Education is the key to success

Wanyange Girls Secondary School

-, Nyange hill
Contact Phones : -,+256 332 277467
Name Year of Administration Mwiri H/Ms 1967-1972 Haden. M. D 1972-1981 Tulyahikayo A (Ag) May 1981-Aug 1981 Mulogo Constance T Aug 1981-Nov 1987 Menya N. K Dec 1987-Feb 2003 Proscovia L. Mpabulungi Feb 2003- to Dec 2011 Deborah Basekanakyo January 2012 -to date


Contact Phones : +256 772 888 520,'
Web Address
To provide an integrated learning environment, where children with learning disabilities are educated alongside their regular counterparts for mutual benefit.


Mukono - Uganda, Kabembe Mukono Kayunga road
Contact Phones : .,0772589430
Core Values To bring up God fearing students To impart skills for life To tap learners potential for academic excellence To promote discipline and respect for others To be honest and reliable To provide quality education at affordable fee Motto Education is our pride Vision Provide holistic quality and affordable education

World Ahead Senior Secondary School

-, Mattuga, Kampala
Contact Phones : +256 774 000017,-
Web Address
By the end of your course at World Ahead, the student will be transformed. Our culture trains you to be S - Self Confident M -Morally Upright A -Academically Charged R -Ready for Change T -Time conscious

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