Do You Need a Logo for Your Online Startup???


Nowadays, a majority of the business is being done online due to an increased shift towards E-Commerce and remote working. In fact, according to a survey, around 57% of small businesses have agreed to adapt the remote work model for the long term as well. Technological advancement has provided several opportunities to business owners looking to work online. If you are an online startup owner, then you might have thought about it or be presently wondering about whether or not you will need a logo for your business. Well, the simplest answer to that question is, yes, you do and we are going to explore why further on.
When starting out with a business, there are a lot of budget and financial constraints that business owners have to manage within. It’s why the logo may not be their priority, however, it is incredibly essential to the establishment of the online startup. You may not have to display it on billboards or at a physical location, but your brand identity design is what will help your target audience become familiar with your business. It will feature on your website, social media pages and any other medium where you advertise or promote your products and services.


Here are a few reasons why you need a well-designed and meaningful logo for your online startup.

  • Create a Branding Strategy

Consider a startup in retail, food, financial or any other industry and you will see how a logo could be highly important for its branding strategy. Look at it this way. You own a business that sells various products or provides services, the colors and fonts in your logo might be able to help you attract more customers. These elements along with icons, shapes and typography are the foundation of a business brand logo and can help you create an appealing design. It could become like an anchor for your brand with the web page and product packaging having the same as logo color scheme.
Other than that, you could even brand with merchandise later on with the clothes, bags or mugs featuring the particular colors, font and design. Basically, your logo could set the tone for your business and brand.

  • Makes for A Unique Identity

This is quite obvious and also one of the biggest reasons why you need a brand symbol for your online startup. Since there are so many businesses operating on the internet and each industry is quite competitive, your business requires its own identity which makes it unique and stands out. You do not want to be just another option for consumers to scroll by. In order to catch the attention of the target customer, you need a logo design that tells people about your business and convinces them to look for more information. It will eventually become your unique symbol that might become recognizable in the market after some time too.
Think of companies such as Facebook, PayPal and EBay. They all began as small startups with simple yet attractive logos that have become globally recognized now. If you take a look at their logos anywhere, you will see how each one highlights the message and brand values of the corporation and is unique in its use of font, color and typography.

  • Create a Memorable Visual Mission and Vision 

A shape, image or symbol can stay in memory for a long time. According to research, our brains are wired to respond to images faster than just plain text which is why content with visuals has a higher chance of appealing to the audience. With a logo, you are engaging people by telling them a story about your business or brand, and that helps them remember it later on. It doesn’t have to be anything very detailed or elaborate either. Consider Wayfair’s or Airbnb’s logo for example. They are quite minimalistic designs yet memorable designs that most people would be able to point out anywhere.

  • Sets Customer Expectations and Loyalty

This is something that most people miss when it comes to getting logos designed. However, for an online startup matching up to or setting certain expectations is a positive move forward. The logo can create expectations within the audience about your products, services, quality and customer support, all of which could help you succeed. For example in the following image you will see that the logo matches with the service that the company provides. When they see the well-crafted logo with a laptop they will immediately connect with the website Cash for Used Laptop.


With a thoughtful logo that represents your business in the best way possible, you can promise your customers a great experience and assure them of delivering on the promise as well.
Many companies that started out small such as Amazon, were able to build a loyal customer base through their logo designs to date.

To Sum Up
Getting a logo designed should not be a huge challenge and your business needs it to get ahead in the market. Just consider a few of these factors and set a small budget aside for a logo before launching online.

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Date Published : Sunday, July 11, 2021