www.africa2trust.com (Africa2Trust) User Generated Content FAQs

What is User Generated Content?

User generated content ("UGC"), also commonly known as 'citizen journalism', 'social media' or 'participatory media', in the context of Africa2Trust - refers to a wide variety of media content that is produced by our users and/or Subscribers as opposed to content made by Africa2Trust, or individual contributors commissioned by Africa2Trust.

'UGC', as referred to in these FAQs and covered by Africa2Trust's Terms of Use, includes any content produced by our audiences/users/subscribers which is submitted to or shared with Africa2Trust either directly or indirectly.

What rights am I granting Africa2Trust to use my work?

The rights to use UGC granted to Africa2Trust are non-exclusive which means that you can continue to use your content as you like including the ability to also allow others to use it.

Africa2Trust's Terms of Use provide Africa2Trust with permission to use any UGC submitted to/shared with Africa2Trust free of charge.

If Africa2Trust shares any of your content with any of its trusted partners, it will endeavor to ensure that they do not alter your material in any way. Africa2Trust will also endeavor to inform you when accepting UGC about how it will be used.

What rights do I retain in my work when I submit it to Africa2Trust?

If you submit any content to or share any material with Africa2Trust, you will retain the copyright in your work. As the non-exclusive license to Africa2Trust is only a permission for Africa2Trust to use the content, you can also continue to use your content in any way you wish including using it yourself and/or allowing others to use it.

What do I need to do when submitting material to Africa2Trust?

When you submit content to or share material with Africa2Trust, you must only submit/share your own original content.

If your content clearly identifies anyone else you will need to ensure that they have consented to the content being used by Africa2Trust for the purposes for which you submitted it and/or any other uses by Africa2Trust.

Africa2Trust also requires that you do not submit/share any content that is defamatory, offensive or unlawful in any way. Any inappropriate content will be rejected or taken down by Africa2Trust. If in doubt, please do not share your content with Africa2Trust.

Where you share your content with Africa2Trust that is located on a third party websites, Africa2Trust will also endeavor to link back to the original location of that content where technically and editorially possible.

Will Africa2Trust amend my contribution at all?

In the majority of instances, Africa2Trust does not amend, edit or alter any material submitted to or shared with Africa2Trust. Due to technical or operational limitations Africa2Trust may have to slightly amend content such as images to be able to use them. Africa2Trust will endeavor not to make any significant editorial amendments to your work without your consent.

Where Africa2Trust shares any UGC with any trusted third parties it will also endeavor to ensure that they do not alter your material in any way.

How long will Africa2Trust keep my contribution?

Africa2Trust will generally only keep your content for as long as is reasonably required for the purpose(s) for which it was submitted.

When and why will Africa2Trust contact me in relation to my UGC?

Africa2Trust may need to contact you to authenticate or verify your content and/or obtain further information about your work. If we are unable to contact you we may be unable to use your content for the particular purpose for which it was submitted. If, for whatever reason, Africa2Trust cannot accept your content or has to reject it if it breaches the Terms of Use, Africa2Trust will endeavor to let you know.

Does Africa2Trust pay for user generated content?

No, Africa2Trust does not pay for any user generated content except in exceptional circumstances.

What do I do if I see some UGC on www.africa2trust.com that is offensive, inappropriate or infringing?

If you see some user generated material on www.africa2trust.com that you think is offensive, infringes your or anybody else's copyright, is defamatory or is unlawful in any way the best way to let us know is by using the following contacts.

Phone: +256(0)701278873,+256(0)776-278873
Email: info@africa2trust.com
Box No: 22232 Kampala, Uganda
Online Contact Form: Contact Us
Physical Address:Plot 23, Lumumba Avenue, 4th Floor (Outbox), Soliz House

However, please do not abuse these contact channels.