Why www.africa2trust.com

www.africa2trust.com is an online platform dedicated to showcasing African Businesses in a way guaranteed to boost their credibility and enhance online sales. We are driven by the realization that we have many great businesses in Africa that are grossly under-tapped due to inhibitions that keep them from maximizing the huge potential of online business. www.africa2trust.com overcomes these blockades for the companies listed and fully profiled on our platform. Online customers who want to Know Who to Trust in Africa will find the answer on www.africa2trust.com

The Opportunity

The online market is the silver bullet that could easily transform African Companies and allow them to reach the international market and succeed inspite of their limitations. It opens up any company, irrespective of size to contacts from all over the world and also from the local market that is now heavily online.

Direct online sales are now a reality and potential source of more business than walk-in clients to the company premises. B2B opportunities are rife as companies look for cheaper, efficient solutions through outsourcing which has become a business mainstay. Large international companies and agents looking to expand into Africa are looking for local partners to act as agents, franchises and representatives. Branding online is fast, with an international reach at a fraction of the cost.

Transferring these opportunities to African companies is what inspired the creation of www.africa2trust.com.

What Blocks the Opportunity?
Trust, Credibility Challenges

Clients around the world find it difficult to trust African companies they find online because the clients have no robust and simple way to carry out background checks to establish the credibility of these companies. This cuts off a huge international market and greatly inhibits the business success of many African companies.

Poor online Security measures

Furthermore, many African companies online do not have internationally recognized security certification to prove the safety of transacting on their websites and as a result, many clients do not feel safe communicating with and transacting with many African companies online. This acts as a huge barrier to the large online business and acts as an impediment for many African Businesses.

Inefficient Website Management

Many African companies find it difficult, expensive and cumbersome to set up, host, manage and sustain websites, and yet an online presence is very vital to the success of any company in this day and age. The absence of quality and easy to manage sites has also held back the success of many African companies.

Low online Visibility

The online world is a large ocean in which it is easy to be drowned in the sea of information. Many African companies with an online presence have a limited skillset, knowledge and resources to guarantee Search Engine Optimization (being easily seen and highly ranked when one enters a search in Google and other search engines) and as such, though they are online, they are hardly visible and remain virtually unknown.

www.africa2trust.com provides solutions to these problems and is thus of great benefit to the success of companies. The benefits are expounded below:

Benefits Companies/Organizations gets from subscribing on www.africa2trust.com.
  • Full Web Presence Guaranteed
    • Upon subscription to Bronze packages and above, a company/organization gets a full website with a unique sub domain that could appear as www.roofings.africa2trust.com. This comes as a fully functional website with active contact pages, online sales capabilities, full product and service profiling and other key functions of a well designed and functional website.
    • Site well managed and maintained for you at no extra cost. This in essence provides you with a guaranteed backup and extra website that ensures that you are online all the time, even if your private website is to get many of the technological glitches common to websites. Full Profile of individual products or services
    • Full Profile of individual products or services. Each one gets a full webpage that allows ample space to provide complete details about it and this present it in a way that greatly increases customer conversion opportunities. Another very vital role full profiling of a product or service on its own page provides is that it greatly increases visibility of your company online since each page acts as added route to your site. Each of these pages is searchable on its own and as such can lead customers to your internal site even if they didn’t know your company name as they searched for that product or service. This profiling independently is a key in effective Search Engine Optimization and comes with your site within www.africa2trust.com
    • Free Listing in Web and Contacts Directory. The contact form on this free listing is active and also directly leads customers to you through the contact info provided.
  • Easy Search Function
    www.africa2trust.com is a one stop centre for anyone looking to find and do business with any credible African company. As the marketing of the site increases exponentially, its credence as the best place to find credible African businesses will cause more people to search for companies like yours through the site. It has a very easy to use search function where one can search either by your country, company name or by the product or service that you offer. This greatly increases your chances of being found by a search customer and hence business opportunities.
  • B2B Opportunities
    Furthermore, the one stop centre model provides countless B2B opportunities as companies can now easily search and find companies to do business with since they are all in one portal. This stands to become an extra source of income different from direct sales that accrue from individual customers approaching your company online.
  • We enhance your credibility online through Digital Validation and Endorsement
    A credible company/organization is normally known and belongs to several Government and Private institutions, bodies and associations (e.g. The Insurance Regulatory Authority) that carry proof of its existence and operations. www.africa2trust.com works in partnership with all such major bodies who have agreed to verify any claims of membership a company may make and thus endorse their membership by allowing the Institution’s logo or seal to appear on the www.africa2trust.com internal website. This we call Digital Validation and Endorsement. The presence of these seals (which cannot be faked by the member company) acts as a strong validation to an online visitor of your credibility. This will go a long way in increasing the TRUST online visitors will have for a company/organization they have never physically met, and give them the confidence to do business with them.
  • GIS Maps for Traceability
    To further strengthen the trust, www.africa2trust.com also attaches GIS Maps to the profiled company allowing online visitors to use GIS Mapping technology to trace your company’s physical location. Membership of every company is renewed annually at which point the location of the company is validated by www.africa2trust.com to ensure that the company still exists and the GIS location is still accurate.
  • Enhanced Security for your website within www.africa2trust.com The security of your company website within www.africa2trust.com is guaranteed and protected by international acclaimed and trusted security certification called Extended Validated Secure Socket Layer Certification (EV SSL)
    • A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is an internationally acclaimed and trusted security certificate given to websites as evidence that all information and data transmitted across the site is encrypted and hence safe from unauthorized access and or hacking. This means that all communication e.g. emails, queries, transactional data, etc. are safe and secure for visitors on the site.
    • EXTENDED VALIDATED Secure Socket Layer(EVSSL) Certification goes a step further to prove that the proprietors of the website have been stringently validated and approved by international security bodies to ascertain that the ownership and management of the website is well known and of good and legitimate standing. This gives vital added security to the site and increases the trust visitors have of the site. www.africa2trust.com has fully functional Extended Validated Secure Socket Layer Certification (EV SSL) that guarantees the security of the site and all member companies/organizatons.