12 Reasons why you need to make sure your business is on www.africa2trust.com

www.africa2trust.com is an online platform for Africa with unique marketplace benefits where businesses across Africa can interact with not only other businesses but also individual customers across the internet ecosystem, with a seamless experience guaranteed to boost their brand visibility, credibility and enhance sales.

We are driven by the realization that we have many great products, service providers, ideas and talents that are grossly under-exposed and under-tapped due to inhibitions that keep them from maximizing the huge potential. www.africa2trust.com overcomes most of the blockades for the entrepreneurs with their businesses listed and fully profiled on our platform.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur in Africa with a legally operating business? Below are 12 reasons why you need to make sure your business is on www.africa2trust.com:

While many if not all renowned market places are for products, Africa2Trust is for both products and services, the first of its kind, making it an mega online expo for your businesses or organizations in Africa.

You can be up and running in less than 24 hours upon validation and if your have your company profile ready and in soft copy.

Our "online marketplace" allows you to easily set-up, manage and share your company profile, products and/or services through a very user-friendly process.

With our easy to use online Content Management System, you can be up and running in a flash!!!

We profile companies and organizations across Africa. Far more than just an additional channel, Africa2Trust offers great opportunities for continent-wide and overseas visibility.

Relevant or related keyword searches on Africa2Trust will display your goods and services in a list with other brands and distributors across Africa. This kind of cross-visibility could be an advantage for you, depending on how you rank when it comes to your product description, quality, pricing and customer review.

Our platform is popular with people looking to buy or do business with Africa and offers a convenient way to compare companies, their products and services across Africa from a single source.

The Africa2Trust platform allows for more ordering options i.e. using our inbuilt online ordering system or the simple order form.

We also avail your physical address, contact phones and email address so your clients can order from you directly outside Africa2Trust with the ability to negotiable better prices or business partnerships and synergies.

Unlike most big marketplaces, we don't charge commissions for this and we don't impose restrictive terms and conditions in terms of how you can communicate to your customers!!!

With Africa2Trust there're more chances of accelerated business, partnerships, investment opportunities and synergies with prospects across Africa and the world!

All businesses/organizations hosted on A2T are endorsed by their relevant government institutions and umbrella bodies, hence a major credibility boost for prospective partners.

Full profiling of businesses in a one-stop-center model provides countless B2B opportunities as entrepreneurs from within Africa and beyond can now easily search and find VALIDATED companies to do business with since they are all in one portal. .

The trust factor is engrained in Africa2Trust's DNA and our platform is no exception. We validate companies before we fully profile them with their products and/or services.

Rather than buying from an unknown online store or website they’ve never heard of, first-time buyers of a brand in any country in Africa feel more at ease buying from a platform worthy of trust.

We're the fallback option should your prospects or customers fail to reach you.

Registering to join our continent-wide directory is FREE; For Brand Visibility if you want your logo reflected in our web and contacts directory, you only pay a one-off of USD 30!

Our annual Profiling Packages start at only USD 120!

We don't charge any commission! Your Africa2Trust orders come straight to you and we provide all contact information about you so your prospects can even find you outside Africa2Trust

Africa2Trust's rates are lower than the combined costs of website designing, hosting, domain name registration, security implementation, online marketing, among others - that a company or organization would be required to pay for an effective web solution.


The algorithms on our platform are built in such a way that will make it easier for your brand, services and products to reach a vast clientele all across Africa and beyond.

Having your own store within Africa2trust allows you to use specific keywords and search description for your different products and services, for instance. These help you better target your customers, B2B opportunities and show them more products and services that are precisely what they are looking for.

As such, your products and services don't easily get lost among many others in our general marketplace.

Africa2Trust search set-up is compatible with all major search engines. Africa2Trust allows you to set up your products and/or service content together with search keywords and summaries for your Africa2trust store in a way that allows you to be properly indexed in search engines, helps potential buyers find your products/services online.

It also gives you control over personal marketing and where your customers land once they click on the search results.

That’s not a provision you can find with many other marketplaces, as you are often only restricted to their search algorithm which is not designed specifically for you or search engines, and chances of you coming out on top are minimal.

Africa2Trust web store is a perfect place to sell your new products; having your web store within Africa2Trust also means you can announce and promote new products to your heart’s content.

Our platform has a section specifically for this purpose.

With Africa2Trust, orders come directly to you and you're in charge of packaging, shipping and delivery. Having a good level control of the brand experience in your Africa2Trust web store also means that you have the final say in how your brand will be expressed through your packaging and delivery.

You can ship your products in branded boxes and envelopes, for instance, with personalized promotions or discounts. You can also include inserts or other marketing materials.

You can sell your product to your clients, with greater transparency with more information, more possibilities, your own terms & conditions and better options on different web and mobile platforms.

Africa2Trust has made it easy to share what you have to offer on multiple Digital Channels and Social Media Platforms.

We also provide your contact phones, email address and physical address so your clients can reach you outside Africa2Trust. With Africa2Trust there are many ways you can make your brand shine.

For every profile, you automatically get a website within our platform and that website can be accessed directly using Africa2Trust sub-domains like www.michaelasoven.africa2trust.com.

We can also point the domain of your choice to your Africa2Trust profile e.g. www.perfecteventsug.com. This helps profiled companies and organizations not to get lost within Africa2Trust.

This also empowers you to market yourself by sharing your Africa2Trust address for direct traffic.

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