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Centre for Justice Studies and Innovations (CJSI)

Plot 21, Valley Road, Ntinda
Contact Phones : +256 772 699300,+256 312 516699/0414581320
Web Address

The Centre for Justice Studies and Innovations (CJSI) promotes rule of law as an avenue through which justice is delivered to all people in Uganda, particularly the poor and marginalized groups

Child Africa

Plot 1908/9, Mitala Road
Contact Phones : +256 752 896205; +256 772,+256 414 269599
Web Address

Poverty is common in East Africa. Many children become orphans due to AIDS. By giving a donation or becoming a sponsor for a child, you will help us give a poor child care and education. Our charity organization is very effective in terms of providing help. We believe that the only way to eradicate poverty is through education and teaching the new generation how to fight corruption.This is why we put school first.

Lifecare Africa

P.O. Box 2879 Kampala, Valley Curve Road, Ntinda
Contact Phones : +256 786 753 406,+256 752 241 748
Web Address

Lifecare Charity is a fully licensed and registered Non-Governmental organization in Uganda established with the primary objectives of: Empowering Ugandan women and youth with competitive modern vocational skills for the modern workplace.


P.O.Box 24642 Kampala, Kagaba Road, Buyende District
Contact Phones : +256782164292,+256701434070

Changing Lives through Sports & Music in Communities.

Uganda National NGO Forum

P.O Box 4636, Kampala, 25 Muyenga Tank Hill Road, Kabalagala
Contact Phones : +256(414)510272,+256-393-260373
Web Address

 The Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF) is an independent and inclusive national platform for NGOs in Uganda. Its primary constituency and owners are NGOs in their diversity and configurations. UNNGOF is however open to other interest groups within a broadly defined civil society.


UNNGOF’s operational scope is at national level, with focus on issues and processes that concern NGOs across the board. We recognise the independent existence of national thematic NGO networks and district networks and for a, as important NGO coordinating mechanism with complementary comparative advantages.



6-8, Kibira Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414343306

ACORD in Rwanda

Plot XXX, Kigali
Contact Phones : +250-574619,n/a

Action Aid Rwanda

Plot XXX, Gisagara
Contact Phones : +250-08486517,+250-587703

Action for the Rights of the Children

93, Ntinda
Contact Phones : 256772857676,n/a

Action on Disability & Development

81, Bukoto
Contact Phones : n/a,256414531446

ADRA Rwanda

Plot XXX, Kigali
Contact Phones : +250-08486517,+250-574770
Web Address

Adrica Field Epidemiology Network

23, MAckenzie Vale
Contact Phones : n/a,256414542352

Advocates Coalition for DEvelopment & Environment

96, KAnjokya
Contact Phones : n/a,256414530798


35, John Babiiha AVenue
Contact Phones : n/a,2563122244700

Africa 2000 Network Uganda

70, Bukoto
Contact Phones : n/a,256312263218

Africa Evangelistic Enterprise(AEE)Rwanda

Plot XXX, Kigali
Contact Phones : n/a,+250-08587135
Web Address

Africa Life Youth Foundation

56/60, KAmpala road
Contact Phones : 256782120385,n/a

Africa Monitors

2nd Floor, Unit 179, Tirupati-Mazima Mall
Contact Phones : +256 751 087818,+256 754 663374

We are an NGO Human Rights Organization located along Nsambya Ggaba Rd. We help and support refugees through awareness raising, capacity building, lobby & advocating, protection and rehabilitation. The organization addresses the short and long terms needs of the victims of human rights violations and refugees through counselling, capacity development and creating employment opportunities.

African Centre for Trade and Development

9, Nasser Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414253967
civil society organisations concerned with trade

African Network for the PRevention & Protection AGainst Child Abuse & Neglect

1, Kira Road 1
Contact Phones : n/a,256414254550


Plot XXX, Kigali
Contact Phones : +250-252-504062,n/a
Web Address

Aga Khan Development Network - Uganda

14, Parliament Avenue
Contact Phones : 256772701201,2560414235900
international organizations

Agricultural PRoductivity Enhancement PRogram

58, Lumumba AVenue
Contact Phones : n/a,256312350700

Aids Orphans Education Trust

Bugembe, Bugembe
Contact Phones : 256712596463,n/a


P.O.BOX 886 Kampala, Sir - Apollo Kaggwa Road
Contact Phones : -,0414532225
Train up your Child ( Proverbs 22:6)

Amnesty International

20A, Kawalya Kagwa Close
Contact Phones : n/a,256312350100
international organization

Aouthern and Eastern African Trade Information and Negotiations Institute

101, Kira Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414540856

Appropriate Rural Technology Institute(ARTI-Uganda)

Plot 2947, Mbogo Road
Contact Phones : +256(777)613783,+256(414)666841
Web Address


487, Makindye Lusaka Kirombe Z
Contact Phones : +256702571353,+256414269722
Web Address

Our Vision To provide life skills and staff training to at-risk youth and the adults who care for them. We enable youths to achieve their highest potential as law abiding citizens through ARISE group sessions conducted by well trained, caring ARISE Facilitators. Our Goal An appropriate, interdenominational service provider to At Risk youths in Uganda which can be extended to and or adopted by regions beyond the borders regardless of race, culture, religion or any other reason. Our Mission ARISE’s mission is to provide young men and women with the tools they need to survive, succeed, and become super-productive members of the society. To reach out to populations in various situations due to natural, occupational, and or otherwise, with training, guidance, counselling and supply of relevant materials pursuant to our goal. Core Values Integrity and truthfulness, Moral & Work Ethics, Transparency & Accountability.

Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud(FXB)

Plot 44, Bukoto Street
Contact Phones : n/a,+256(312)263342
Web Address

Beacon of Hope Uganda

256 Kampala road, Verona House, Mukono Municipality, 1st Floor, Verona House
Contact Phones : +256702812255,+256702812255


Makeerere - Kikoni, P.O.BOX 140 Sir Appolo Ka
Contact Phones : -,0392001853
Web Address
Care and Diginity for children with cancer

British council Uganda

2&4A, n/a
Contact Phones : n/a,256414560800
international organizations

Bush net ltd

1000, Baka Close
Contact Phones : n/a,25631225200
Web Address
internet service provider

Caritas Rwanda

Plot XXX, Kigali
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a

Center for Land Economy & Rights of Women

46B, Wanale Road
Contact Phones : +256712651673,+256713961099
Web Address

Centre for Development Initiatives

101, Kira Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256312264265

Centre for Domestic Violence PRevention

16, Tufnel Drive
Contact Phones : n/a,256414531249

Child Rights Empowerment and Development Organization

2B, Hoima Road
Contact Phones : ,
Web Address
CEDO, Child Rights Empowerment and Development Organization, is a National NGO established in 1992, and with operations in Masindi, Buliisa, Kiryandongo and recent Wakiso District. CEDO’s primary focus is on developing initiatives to address specific societal issues, such as: Child Protection Advocacy, Early Childhood Development for underprivileged Children, HIV/AIDS prevention & Mitigation, Community Economic Poverty and Development, Food Security and Nutrition, and Life Skills acquisition targeting the youth (18-30). CEDO works closely with Development Partners, Local Governments, CBOs and the Community in promoting all interventions.

Christian Children's Fund

71/72, Namirembe Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414270544

Communication for Development Foundation Uganda(CDFU)

Plot 58, Kira Road
Contact Phones : +256(312)263941,+256(312)263942
Web Address

Compassion International

2158, Luzira Port BEll Road Kit
Contact Phones : n/a,256392757600

Concern Worldwide Uganda

capetown, CApetown Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414501907

Coordination office for Development Cooperation of the Austrian Embassy Nairobi

3, Portal Avenue
Contact Phones : n/a,256312285104
international organizations


Plot 4384, P.O BOX 9063
Contact Phones : -,256-414-269507/256-41-426
Web Address

Danish Association for International Co-operation

54B, Kira road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414530764

Defence for Children International Uganda

623/624, ACFODE House
Contact Phones : n/a,256414533811

Delegation of the International federation of the Red Cross & Red Crescent

97, Buganda Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414348437
international organizations

Deliverance world mission-uganda

68 nansan, 5kilometres hoima road
Contact Phones : +256782461200,-
Web Address
we are church organization preaching gospel and helping people through voluntary work reaching our community

Department for international Development Uganda

Rwenzori Courts, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,256414331000
international organizations

Development Initiatives International

Kamwokya, Bukoto
Contact Phones : n/a,256414533404

Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations

490, Makerere road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414530575
civil society organisations concerned with trade

Eastern AFrica Corporate Development Network

83B, Tufnel Drive
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a


Plot 475/523, kabalagala
Contact Phones : -,+256(0)414510215
Web Address

Environmental Protection Campaign AFrica chapter

5, Speke Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414668651

Epilepsy Support Association Uganda(ESAU)

Plot 3, Ntinda 2 Road
Contact Phones : +256(772)450383,+256(414)287700
Web Address

Esprit Ensemble Consults

1st Floor, Room 132, Tirupati - Mazima Mall, Nsambya-Ggaba Road
Contact Phones : +256 752 771 243,+256 392 001 889
Web Address

Tax consulting firm. We are here to enable businesses make their taxes less taxing, and build legendary business through compliance.

Family DEvelopment Initiative

4397, Muyenga BLock
Contact Phones : n/a,256414267801

Fields of Life

Plot 2677, Tank Hill Road
Contact Phones : +256 782 460 902,+256 312 266 410

Food & Agriculture orgnization

88, buganda Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414257744
international orgnizations

Food for the Hungry Uganda

40, Zimwe Road
Contact Phones : 800.248.6437,+256 414 267 854

The world is hungry, but the emptiness goes far beyond the table. The need is physical and spiritual. People hunger for opportunity, starve for resources, and have been stripped of value. These injustices keep us up at night.

Food for the Hungry seeks to end ALL forms of human poverty by going to the hard places and walking with the world’s most vulnerable people. We’ve been serving through purposeful relief and development for over four decades. We believe in the fight against poverty, which is why we serve the vulnerable in over 20 countries globally. We’re moved and inspired by our Christian belief that every person has intrinsic value, and that it’s our responsibility to advocate for the poor and marginalized without regard to race, creed or nationality and without adverse distinction of any kind. We serve on the basis of need alone. We strive to respect the culture and customs of the people we serve in order to preserve their humanity and dignity


Plot 1853, Lulume Rd
Contact Phones : +256-752791963,+256-414510263/312266025
Web Address

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Plot 5B, John Babiiha Avenue
Contact Phones : +256(312)264565,+256(414)345535
Web Address


Plot 205, Entebbe Road
Contact Phones : +256 772 415601,+256 202 624 766


P.O.BOX 539 Kampala , Blo, Sir - Apollo Kaggwa Road
Contact Phones : -,0372517484
Fight against gender violence

German Technical Cooperation

23, Nakasero Road
Contact Phones : n/a,0414303901

Heifer International

1, Yusuf lule Road
Contact Phones : n/a,0414233481


Plot 65 Kamwokya , P.O.BO, Kanjokya - Street
Contact Phones : -,0401523569
Web Address
Reconstruction of Community Livehood

Hunger Free World

Plot 73, Queens Way,Katwe
Contact Phones : n/a,+256(414)255106
Web Address

International Committee of Red Cross

8, John Babiha Avenue
Contact Phones : n/a,256414230517
international organization

International Criminal court Kampala Field Office

1, Colville Street
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a
international organizations

International Human Rights Network

38, Lumumba Avenue
Contact Phones : n/a,256414230090

International Justice Mission

43, Kanjokya
Contact Phones : n/a,n/a

International Monetary Fund

37/43, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414233955
international organizations

International Organization of Migration

40, Makenzie Vale
Contact Phones : n/a,256414236622
international organizations

International Rescue Committee

7, Lower east road NAguru
Contact Phones : n/a,256414286212

isis Women's International Cross Cultural Exchange (IS

472, Bukoto STreet
Contact Phones : n/a,256414543953

ISIS-Womens International Cross Cultural Exchange(WICCE)

Plot 23, Bukoto Street
Contact Phones : n/a,+256(414)543953
Web Address

Japan International Cooperation Agency

4, Nile Avenue
Contact Phones : n/a,256414254326
international organizations


PO Box 22145, Kiggo Zone
Contact Phones : +256 772 221332/712 22133,+256-414 221332
Web Address

Kitenge Africa Foundation

6, Kamu Kamu Plaza, Entebbe
Contact Phones : +256772181928,+256414579306
About: Introduction: Kitenge Africa Foundation (KAF.Org) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization, Reg. (Cert. No.CEN/430) based in Kampala, the Republic of Uganda, East Africa. Kitenge Africa Foundation is a charity organization that was star

Kituo Cha Katiba

7, East Link Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414533295

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

51A, Prince charles Drive kolo
Contact Phones : n/a,256414259611
international organizations

Kulika Uganda

472, Nsambya Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414266261

Living Earth Uganda

683, Willis Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414531246


4B, Kololo Hill Drive
Contact Phones : +256753553000,+256-417-715800
Web Address
MJAP supports HIV/AIDS service provision in Mulago, Mbarara and Butabika hospitals and their HIV clinics. In addition in Mbarara district, MJAP supports HIV services in all HC IVs namely: Kinoni HC IV, Bugamba HC IV, Mbarara MMC HC IV, Bwizibwera HC IV,

Malaria Consortium - Africa

Plot 2, Sturrock Road
Contact Phones : n/a,+256(312)300420

Malaria COnsortium AFrica

2, Sturrock Road Kololo
Contact Phones : n/a,256312300420

Market Vendors Aids Project

38, Bukoto
Contact Phones : n/a,256414570998


81, Bukoto street
Contact Phones : ,+256414250033
Web Address
Most at Risk Populations (MARPs) Network is a Government initiated Civil Society Organisation (CSO) whose purpose is to promote coordinated and effective leadership in HIV prevention among key populations in Uganda. i.e. sex workers, Fisher Fork, Members of uniformed services, Drug abusers (who inject), truck drivers and sexual minorities through Knowledge Management, Advocacy and Education, Strengthening member Organisations and Coordination. Incorporated in March 2008 as an initiation of the AIDS Control Program (ACP)/Ministry of Health and collaboration of various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), MARPs Network now boasts of a national coverage, reaching over 100 organisations targeting Key Populations in Uganda.

Medair Uganda

1608, Kironde Road Muyenga
Contact Phones : n/a,256414267423

Mental Health Uganda(MHU)

Plot 56, Kanjokya Street
Contact Phones : +256(772)462373,+256(312)262062


plot 1, Masaba road, P.O Box 274
Contact Phones : +256-752781122,+256-392-966-282/ +256-41
Web Address

MONUC Kampala

14, Kawalya Kagwa Close
Contact Phones : n/a,256312264202
international organizations

Ms. Uganda (Danish Association for International Co-operation

54B, Kiira road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414530764
civil society organizations concerned with trade


4646, Muwayire Rd
Contact Phones : +256772563606,+256414692487
Web Address
Mwana wa gwanga is a Uganda based foundation registered under the umbrella of non-governmental organization with mandate to carry out specific duties based on the young children...

National ASsociation of the Deaf Blind in Uganda

56, Kanjokya
Contact Phones : 2567722856605,n/a

National Community SErvice Programme

Kampala, Kampala
Contact Phones : n/a,256414236467

National Union of disabled Persons of Uganda

530, Kisaasi Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414540179

Norwegian REfugee Council

4, Mast BEnd
Contact Phones : n/a,256312265156

Oxfam GB

3459, Tank hill
Contact Phones : n/a,256414510242
civil society organizations concerned with trade

Panos Eastern Africa

2863, Bidandi Sali Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414344231

Pearls for Her

Plot 4, Katuuso Crescent, Buziga
Contact Phones : +256 775 075 304,+256 790 284 930
Pearls for her is an initiative that strives to empower women with tools for success in all aspects of life through well curated events that give a platform for important discussions and practical lessons on all aspects of a woman. The aim is to create a space where women can comfortably bring together ideas and also wind down from their everyday pressures. Pearls for her plans to set up different events all through the year with different themes that would give the woman an opportunity to become the best version of themselves. We aim to curate not just conversations but also practical skills that women can use in their day to day life. Our mission is to give women a voice and platform to be able to share their opportunities and challenges through our well curated events and our soon to be active website. We are constantly working together to empower women, socially, politically and economically. Together, we can help women grow and achieve more than they can ever imagine.

Pioneer Foundation for Youth DEvelopment Uganda

372, Prof Apollo Nsibambi Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256712567208

Plan Uganda

126, Luthuli AVenue
Contact Phones : n/a,256414305000

Platform for Labour Action

66, Kanjokya
Contact Phones : n/a,256312260196

Raising Voices

Plot 16, Tufnell Drive
Contact Phones : +256(414)531186,+256(414)532183

Refugee LAw Project

9, Perryman GArdens
Contact Phones : n/a,256414343556

Remembering The Ones We Lost

1st Floor, Room 145, Tirupati - Mazima Mall, Nsambya-Ggaba Road
Contact Phones : -,+256 780 905 731

Remembering The Ones We Lost is a public memorial that aims to name all victims of conflict and armed violence in South Sudan from 1955 to date. This unified and public recognition of individual lives being lost through violence is accomplished through the collective efforts of individuals, communities and institutions to name victims.

Rwanda NGO Forum

Next to Faycal Hosp., Kakyiru
Contact Phones : +250 788303054, +250 788304999

Rwanda Women’s Network (RWN)

Next to WFP H/Qs, Kicukiro
Contact Phones : +(250)252583662,n/a

Sanyu Babies Home

51, NAmirembe Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414274032

Save the Children in Uganda

68/70, Kira Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414341714

Sawa World Uganda

Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road, Makerere, Plot 271 Nanfumbambi Road, Makerere Kikoni,
Contact Phones : +1 778 888 7292,+256 789 981 872
Web Address
Sawa World uses an innovative approach to instantly transform the lives of unemployed and marginalized youth by giving them the skills to start micro-businesses in one day with locally-created and simple solutions to self-employment. We aim to impact 1 billion youth by 2030.

Self Help Development International Uganda

Kampala, KAmpala
Contact Phones : n/a,256414286305

Share an Opportunity - Uganda

Plot 1448, Kitala Zone
Contact Phones : +256 414-530 898 / 597 68,+256 414-530 898 / 597 68
Web Address
promoting the well being of vulnerable children,implementing child projects and supporting community based development initiatives,Livelihood, Basic Education, Early Childhood care, Development, Health, Child Protection and Participation and Institutional Capacity building.


Plot 32, Luthuli Rise
Contact Phones : +256 758 563 250,+256 414 563 250
Web Address


2530 suite 272 and 273 3rd floor, Tirupati-Mazima Mall, Ggaba road
Contact Phones : +256783858478,+256393241411

Einstein rising is a social business accelerator that collaborates with social afican enterprenuer who want to build business in the home country to develop companies with goals of increasing health and preserving the enviroment.

The Hunger Project Uganda

6-8, Kyaggwe Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414232060

The Inter University Council of East AFrica

4, Nile Avenue
Contact Phones : n/a,256414256251
international organizations

Transparency International Uganda Chapter

5, Dewinton Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414255836

Trinity Children's Hope Ministries (TRICH)

17, Wilson RD
Contact Phones : +256714899411,+256757684161
Trinity children’s hope ministries (TRICH Ministries) is a pivot for community development and was founded in 2011 on the principle of creating opportunities through empowerment and wide-ranging social development programs. TRICH Ministries is a non dimensional, nonprofit charitable community organization that supports and gives relief to disadvantaged children, elderly persons, widowed, teenage mothers, the youths and communities in devastating conditions. Our values are built on the foundation that children and vulnerable communities’ members are our greatest assets and must be provided with services that will improve their existing conditions.

Tuyambe E.V

1290, Gayaza Rd
Contact Phones : +256 772 633 920,+49 1520 231 2476
Web Address :
Tuyambe is a German Charity Organization registered in 2000 and driven by the philosphy of Every human has the right to a safe and secure livelihood, but for many these rights are denied. Born into extreme poverty and violence, people have no one to protect them. We are touching lives of various communities in countries like Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Kenya and South Africa. Founded in April 2000, Tuyambe seek to help and support the disadvantaged people and vulnerable children across East Africa and Uganda in particular. Through its vision and mission it seeks to restore hope to the broken while empowering lives and transforming communities with a holistic approach.

Uganda Coalition for Criss Prevention

27, Nakasero road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414234550

Uganda National Assocaition of the Deaf

530, Bukoto
Contact Phones : n/a,256414532875

Uganda Project Implementation and Management Centre (UPIMAC)

Plot 133, Kira Road, Kamwokya
Contact Phones : +256 772 400680,+256 414 530694
Web Address
Uganda Project Implementation and Management Centre (UPIMAC) was founded in the year 1997, by a team of six Ugandan Professionals with extensive experience in the areas of project implementation and management; advocacy and community mobilization, strategic planning and rural development and financial management and audit. The Centre started operation in 1999 with a commitment to provide technical guidance and assist the poor cast, plan, manage and implement projects in all sectors.

Uganda Road Sector Support Initiative

74, Kanjokya Street
Contact Phones : +256-756943990,+256312516864
URSSI Works to Promote Sustainable Transport & Modern Urban Transformation Systems in Uganda Championing the Change efforts towards building Livable Cities and Towns for Uganda Promoting Transparency & Accountability in Road Construction & Maintenance Prioritizing Road Safety and working to significantly reduce Road Fatalities in Uganda

Uganda Society of Disabled Children

1, Kanjokya
Contact Phones : n/a,256414530864
non government organization

Uganda Women Entreprenuers Association Limited(UWEAL)

Plot 38, Lumumba Avenue
Contact Phones : +256(312)271451,+256(414)343952
Web Address

Uganda Women's Network

198, Old Kira Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414286539

Uganda Youth Orphans & Disabled ASsociation

n/a, 256414286974
Contact Phones : n/a,256414286974

United National High Commissioner for Refugees

4B, Babiha AVenue
Contact Phones : n/a,256414230011
international organizations

United Nationas Development Programme

15B, Clement Hill Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414233440
international Organizations

United nations Children's Fund

7, Kisozi Lane off Kyaggwe R
Contact Phones : n/a,256312313800
international organizations

United Nations Fund for Population Activities

n/a, n/a
Contact Phones : n/a,0414341466
international organizations

United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

12, Baskerville Kololo
Contact Phones : n/a,256414236272
international Organizations

US Agency for international DEvelopment

Kampala, Nakasero Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414387387
international organization


457M, Butabika ROad
Contact Phones : 0772617710,n/a

Vessels of Christ

45, Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road
Contact Phones : 0713490305,
A christian Non Governmental Organisation, mandated to equip God's saints for works of service. We also do training in life skills and personal development with Impact Africa UG

Veterinarios Sin Fronteras

38, Jumabhali ROad
Contact Phones : n/a,256454461615

Volunteering in Uganda

1290, Gayaza Rd
Contact Phones : +256 772 633 920,+256 392 003 218
Volunteering in Uganda is a project initiated with an aim of reaching out to the various needs within our society. Among these include; vulnerable people, wildlife, water and environment, Agriculture, human rights, etc. Volunteering project looks at providing a safe healthy environment that could accommodate life and any kind of living. There are various programs that are currently running under this project among which include; Elderly program, Childcare/Orphanage program, Widows program, Disabled program, HIV/AIDS program, Youth program, Water and sanitation, Healthcare program, Human rights and Community development program. Our major objective is to avail an opportunity to everybody out there that has a zeal of changing and transforming a society positively basing on the mentioned needs. Therefore, we do welcome volunteers all over the world to come be part of transforming societies here in Uganda. Check out our website at

Water Aid Uganda

90, Luthuli
Contact Phones : n/a,256414505795

Women Prisoners Support Organisation

110, Bukoto
Contact Phones : n/a,256312273386

World Food Programme

37/43, Kampala Road
Contact Phones : n/a,256414244010
international organizations

World Health Organization

6, Hannington Road
Contact Phones : n/a,0414335500
international organizations

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