Investment Opportunities in Chad

Investment Opportunities in Chad

The oil sector has the potential to change the future of Chad, the mining sector in Chad is highly prospective and large areas for gold, bauxite, uranium, silver and alluvial diamonds have been identified. There are many investment opportunities in different sectors as seen below.

Mining opportunities

Many mineral-bearing indices were announced during the last years whereas others were identified by the project PNUD/DRGM.

In the current state of knowledge, the mineral-bearing indices which seem most promising for valorization are:

  • Noble metals: goldgol, money and platinum
  • Metal ores: copper, lead, zinc, chromium, nickel, iron, titanium, manganese, tungsten, aluminum
  • Radioactive material: uranium
  • Gemmeous stones: diamond
  • Industrial mineral substances: limestone, marble and decorative stones
  • Building materials: graphite, talc schists, kaolin, sand of glassmaking, diatomite, gypsum
  • Saltworks Formation: natron and sodium carbonate
  • The natron and gold are the only mining sources currently exploited.

Energy Sector

The oil sector, with its reserves estimated in 2010 at 1, 5 billion barrel, the sub-sector of electricity and solar energy offer gravitational prospects for investments.

Manufacture and distribution of photovoltaic systems, manufacture of the electric cables and manufacture of electric accessories are some investment opportunities related to energy.

Telecommunication sector

Despite being Africa’s latest exporter of oil, Chad has one of the least developed telecommunications markets in the world. Penetration rates in all market sectors – fixed, mobile and Internet – are well below African averages.

The mobile sector is under two foreign-owned networks – Bharti Airtel (formerly Zain), and Millicom (Tigo). The national telco and fixed-line operator, Sotel Tchad (ST) operates the country’s third mobile network.  However, the country still lacks a national fibre backbone infrastructure


Banking sector and insurances opportunities as there are there is growing need of financial services in the country.


Located in the center of Africa, Chad has the privilege to gather all the characteristics of this continent. On the geographical level, it has plains of savannas, deserts strewn with broken reliefs.

Chad presents an incomparable range of tourist potentialities.

The Lake Chad alone constitutes a tourist monument with its channels surrounded by tall grasses to the observation of fauna, thousands of birds and herds of hippopotamus

Potential for hotel facilities

Potential for beaches


Chad is one of the Sahel countries the best equipped with surface water resources. It has significant permanent rivers: the rivers Chari (1 200 km) and Logone (1 000 km), as well as many lakes of which the most significant is the Lake Chad.

The fishing potential is estimated at more than 150 000 tons per year and takes part in approximately 5% of the GDP.

It is estimated that 44 % of the production are intended for export in dried or smoke form and sent towards Cameroun, Nigeria and the Central African Republic.

The fishing subsector offers significant investment opportunities be it in fishing with the modern techniques, the aquiculture, especially the spirulina in the transformation of the fishery products.

Investment opportunities in Agricultural sector

Chad has 39 million hectares (i.e. 30% of the national territory) , 20 million of arable lands, 13.4 million of cleared lands,  5.6 million of irrigable lands. Only 2.2 million are cultivated (i.e. 5.6% of the exploited land) this creates opportunity in the sector.