Investment Opportunities in Benin

Investment Opportunities in Benin


• The food processing sector is the primary sector attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) and the secondary sector for exports. It offers a variety of crops presenting real opportunities to investors. The most coveted products are:

? Cashews, renowned for their quality and pesticide-free

? Pineapples; Beninese varieties include “Smooth Cayenne” and “Sugar Loaf,” which are already recognized on the international market



• Interesting investment opportunities in the energy sector: opportunity for independent energy

producers to produce and sell energy to other countries in the region or to the state; existence of a sub-regional gas market

Transport, Logistics, and Trade

• Construction project of an international fairground at Gbodjè (Cococodji): US $30 million

• Construction of a dry port at Tori: US $25 million

• Construction of a chartered ship

• Construction of a second port in the coastal zone: US $550 million

Cotton and Textiles

• Benin is a producer of quality cotton; reforms are underway in the cotton sector to improve yields at

all stages of the supply chain, especially in textiles and oilseeds. These chains have real opportunities

and are still underexploited.

Construction Materials

• Benin’s subsoil holds large deposits of construction materials, such as: Limestone, Clays, marble and

other ornamental stones.

Mining and Hydrocarbons

• Large deposits and samples of the mineralization of mined substances have been found. Some

include: metallic minerals (gold, iron, copper, manganese, rutile, etc.), precious stones (columbite,

tantalite, zircon, and other rare earth elements (REE)); significant hydrocarbon potential has been

identified in the coastal sedimentary basin, which is divided into 17 blocks.

Tourism, Culture, and Crafts

• Safari tourism

• Adventure tourism

• Cultural tourism

• Tourism development